Does the preference system work properly?


I know there are threads like this but I haven’t seen any which focuses on this particular issue.
Now, I have monster as my least preferred role. But I understand that sometimes I’m up against a pre-made group or people who also have it as least preferred and I can end up as the monster that way.
That’s fine and all, but there are times when I enter a lobby with only one or two other players and yet I still end up as the monster. Even though there are open hunter slots which I have set as more preferred.
Have anyone else had this problem, because I can’t imagine it being intentionally programmed this way.


nah it don’t work as intended, many threads about it.
Needs looking into really.


keeps happening to me and is becoming more common as time goes on.


It works fine for me. I always want trapper or monster and get them all the time. Then my other choice of support.


I agree with you, I have put Monster as least preferred and get the role still a lot since I am solo queuing.

I think it would be a valid idea to disable being the Monster from the search for people who just don’t want to play it. It my case I’ll play the match through as Monster anyway, but there are a lot of people who will just quit and then allow someone else to be forced to join a game in progress. Overall kind of lowers the gaming experience.