Does the new "Stage 2" version have Local-Online Coop?


I have a friend that I have been trying to get interested in Evolve. Their main concern is whether or not the new “Stage 2” version has a Local-Online mode for us to practice. Like a mode where the two of us could be a hunter while playing with two other bots on our team and a bot monster we would play against. I don’t know if this is possible. Is there a mode like that currently available for the new version?


I think it should be mentioned that we do not live in the same home. We live in different countries actually. I’m not talking split screen or anything like that.


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There isn’t a local co-op feature in the game at the moment, but! The devs are currently working on a regular online co-op feature:

So be sure to look forward to that :slight_smile:

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So if I invite a player into my game, we will then just be added to another group of players instead of bots? And what is the estimated time in which this feature will be available?


No idea, you can always play with someone else in custom games or you can form a small pre-made group of and go into regular Hunt.


Do these custom games pair players up with bots or players? Or is there even an option? I know I can add players into a custom game but I don’t know what happens after that. I don’t have any friends that play yet so I haven’t been able to experiment. We both want this option though.


You get paired with bots, so the more people you find, the more fun you can have.


You can create a custom match to play with your friend. The remains positions will be filled with bots to play with. So yes, technically there is a coop mode

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Ok. Thats what I want. So just to be clear: I go in and start a custom game and I invite one friend. One picks say assault and the other picks support. We are then placed with bots only and can then practice? Is this via “Play Solo” or “Start Match”? How do we play with other players together when ready?

What was the local-online mode the devs are working on you mentioned?

Sorry for my noobness.


Exactly. Now to get into a custom match you can simply go to Multiplayer and choose “Custom”.
Then send an invite to your friend, choose each your roles and get going :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we don’t know any more specific details about the upcoming co-op feature other than that post I mentioned before. But I definitely suggest to check our forums regularly (or the Evolve Twitter page) for any announcements.


Great. Thats exactly what I am looking for. So after clicking on the Play button, I would invite a player and from there if I wanted to practice with him with bots I would do a custom game? If I wanted to play with other players along with him I would just select Hunt?


Wouldn’t the only coop option left be local? Like old school sit on the couch with your buddy local? If we can already play with friends with bots and with other players, I can’t think of any other coop mode other than old school coop.


Thing is that the new co-op mode that will be introduced is probably something else, presumably something like the old Evacuation mode Evolve used to have.

In that mode you went through different game modes, the AI auto-balanced itself depending on if you won or lost + things happened in the next match depending on the match result, for example

  • if you lost you could be dealing with falling satellites hitting hunters OR radioactive gas hurting hunters when in it
  • if you won, you get colonists who would help you fight the monster or a cargo ship patrolling the monster signaling the hunter team where the monster is located.

Oh I see. I used to love that mode. Thats pretty exciting then that their bringing that back.


Again, this is just speculation from my part. :stuck_out_tongue: Although the last Twitch stream does show something that might indicate towards that.


I hope your speculation turns out to be true. Really miss it. Anyways, thanks for your guys help. I think I’ll be able to convince my friend now.

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They will be bringing a dedicated coop mode in the future. I am sure they are trying to make it more challenging than the old coop evac. Keep in mind that you will earn no progression playing custom matches, but I am sure you will be able to progress with the coop mode just like playing pvp right now, so the only option for player progression is to play pvp online, or you can play 3 matches in solo offline in order to earn progression points.


Correct, that’s exactly how you do it


One thing to keep in mind is that Custom games will give you a limited amount of xp and rewards. But if it’s mainly for practice, that shouldn’t bother you too much.


I noticed that when I ran out of xp and SK going solo. Yeah we’re just going to be practicing but I still think there should be some reward even if its small for playing “offline”. Some people don’t want to play online yet, some find it more fun to play with just a few friends, and some may not feel like going through the pressure of playing with strangers.