Does the monster feel like a boss battle or same as killing wildlife?


So i love Evolve and the monsters are really unique and fun to fight against. I like that Behemoth has a’lot of health and his weak point is in his stomach which is a reference to bosses showing weak points after attacks. But when you find a monster and start shooting it, Does it feel like you are fighting a boss or does it feel like you have found strong wildlife? I would like a mode were they are spawned like a boss monster after so many minions. Sometimes it just feels the same as shooting wildlife instead of the boss. Hard to explain sorry if it’s just me xD


It feels like a boss monster to me, but much more so in a good match than a bad one.


Im not sure about hunters, but I always feel like a boss >:0
I’m that evil beast at the end of the map that will take every last bit of health from you in seconds if you dare challenge me >:)
And woe to the hunter that dare take me for an easy challenge at stage 1, I AM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE (even if I am cute as hell at stage 1 :3)


Certainly like a boss fight, you need to be constantly maneuvering for defense and offense while filling your team role.

If the Monster feels like wildlife, the Monster is picking a horrible fight and fighting horribly.


Depends on the monster.


Depends on the Monster player’s skill. Most of the time you bet it is a boss fight.


Most bosses are a lot easier to kill than an Evolve Monster.


Why not both? In a world where the hunters were originally brought in to “tame” wildlife, why must we make a distinction between a very strong wildlife and a boss? At times it does feel like a very strong sloth with abilities, but I believe that absolutely qualifies it as the “boss battle” of the hunt.

Hope I made some sense.


The monster pales in comparison to the true beast

Mammoth Birds :scream:


Lol for me it’s the strider that catches a wiff of us and comes running in. One minute you have a nice safe dome, the next a strider is juggling you with a soccer ball.


I think you mean Nomad :stuck_out_tongue:
Striders are the cute little raptor things that squeak a lot, Nomads are the servants of Satan that look like deformed Giraffes


Eff me right? I in fact did mean nomad. Sorry, first day on shear =P


I remember once I came across 2 downed hunters, 2 more hunters both at 50%, and a nomad in a really bad mood…
Those things are evil ;-;


So much more deadly than a sloth or armadon. Beetles and tyrants can be worse though, if you aren’t careful


Nomads, megamouths, Tyrants, dune beetles, all the bane of my existence. Getting downed by wildlife is a surefire way to ruin your day.


Monsters are boss fights, dune beetles and nomads are their minions, plants are the traps, megamouths are just hungry, and armadons are assholes. There have been many a time that i’ve down hunters using wildlife but none as effective as the dune beetle nomad combo. Picture this, running from the hunters with the assault hot on my trail at the end of the map where the traversal spawns by that huge pillar and dump truck. I leap down to the river passing where the last entrance to the caves on that side is when i turn around and see a dune beetle with a blood lust for Markov and a nomad putting his rape face on. I smile, walk up to Markov and the power attack tumbles him into the wombo combo instantly downing him. +1 wildlife


Monsters as they stand now feel like pumped up wildlife with the exception of Kraken. the other monsters need to be buffed back up to Boss level.


Feels much better than a boss battle. No set patterns. Unpredictability. And besides, in Bloodborne I can’t make the bosses ragequit like in Evolve :wink:


You sir have not fought a good enough monster, I would personally like to instill fear into the the heart of you and any other hunters you can scrounge up to face me >_>