Does the Gorgon Queen look any different than a standard Gorgon?


I doubt it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. I’d imagine that it’s just an S3 Gorgon with S1 Gorgon’s running around.


From the trailer, looked a little darker.


Couldn’t tell if that was supposed to be the Queen or not.


I think so. That would justify the stronger scream, I believe.


I couldn’t listen to it with sound, I was in class, so I have no idea as to what you’re referring to.


Trailer link?


i don’t know what i expected


A big freaking belly like the Alien Queen? :stuck_out_tongue:


no i mean, i expected something more but from a trailer called “darkest deep”, where the scenes are actually dark, your statement is surprising and at the same time not surprising lol


I was half expecting a Gorgon adaptation at S3, as a little bit of a tease for her adaptation.


And the map itself.


Looks similar to the scarab skin but with some purple overlays.

It’s not an adaptation if that’s what you were thinking.


Man… The map itself is fun, but there’s a freakish announcer talking the whole while from beginning to end. It’s so anti-climatic.


Oh, so I take it you start from the beginning and loop around to the Queen at the actual trap?


They put that announcer to make it look like a horror cinematic a la old style. Go check gorgon release trailer, that’s more or less the same style they want but without filter


Pretty much, with some encounters in the way. It’s big.

Yeah, I remember it. Never liked it… Didn’t like this one, either. :confused:


How’s it play? Too easy, too hard? Loving the Queen’s scream.


Cheeky twat… :smirk:


I just went on a fake bathroom break to listen to it.


I couldn’t help but imagine the scream being played full volume as some kid walks by. :joy: