Does the game still look this good


I saw a sc were goliath was like infront if the hunters and besides him was some monkey types of wildlifes that look like they are his minions and it looked so good when i played the alpha the game didnt look like that did u downgrade the graphics ?


Screenshots will always be better than video just because of how fast your eyes can process things. Also, it depends on the rig. I believe consoles looked like they were at 720 atm.


Console is 144p, pc 4k



But yea screenshots will always look better.


It’s also known that sometimes developers and/or publishers photoshop their screenshots. Not claiming it’s going on here though!


Remember watchdogs xD haha they made the PC version look worse just because the console version was not the same.


I was playing it on low…and I loved it! I was planning to upgrade my card (GTX 750ti) but I don’t have to now. It looks sweeeeet, in my opinion.


I was playing it below minimum settings (somehow :open_mouth: time for an upgrade soon), but it was still gorgeous. I can’t wait to play it at maximum settings on a new system.


I was playing on 800x600 resolution on lowest… i win? :frowning:
Hopefully they’ll fix this cus i won’t be buying a new PC anytime soon.


I saw some footage taken back around April of 2014, and the game looked significantly better than it did in the Alpha. Shadowing effects and textures were really REALLY crisp and looked great. The alpha was a decent step down from it, so it was kind of odd to see that step backwards (chalked it up to being Alpha stage build)


The alpha is a diffrent build than the actual game, you know that right? Its just for testing.


As a general rule we don’t retouch our screenshots, that’s always felt dishonest to me.

Which screenshot are you referring to?


Time to go and gather videos/pictures from way back and post them side by side.

I think most devs and the people who paid ubisoft to do the shit they pulled of learned enough, its a great thing that gamers try to call out dishonesty if anything like that would be discovered about any game these days.


I would be VERY suprised if the video is actually worse then the screenshot.


I have the screenshot in question as my desktop wallpaper and after playing Alpha on max settings can confirm the game looks just like the screenshot. I can upload some screenshots when I get home if anyone is interested.


Yes please


This is the image the OP is referencing I believe, for anybody who wanted to know.

I’ll just post some of my own images from Alpha. They look pretty similar although with the HUD and the “alpha” watermark. One thing I notice is that alpha seemed to have more of a “film grain” filter to it. This is on highest settings, 1920x1080 and TXAA 2x.

NOTE: I’m not really sure if Steam compresses or whatnot so the image quality is probably a little better overall. These are just quick screen grabs I made while playing and are not necessarily indicative of final quality (ie it’s an alpha and I’m not using any kind of scientific method for comparison!).

Now with all of that, here are some of my favorite screenshots:


It looks better in the alpha tbh O.o

and for me: Darker = better in this game! :slight_smile:


It does seem to have a lot less “glare” doesn’t it?


Also this is not a view from a hunter/monster :slight_smile: and yes it had less glare in the alpha, so idk what OP was talking about. It looks even better ( and this build was months ago !). During the last stream it looked soooooooo goood.


Really old screenshot. We have a cvar in the game that allows us to turn off the HUD for screenshots, but other than that it wasn’t altered in any way. The game looks so much better now than it did then.