Does the flame snare also do normal damage?


I forget if the flame snare does normal initial damage and not just DOT


I think it only does DOT. Harpoon Traps don’t do initial damage.


But the flame snare is not a harpoon trap sort of


I believe they do, as of a recent update. I don’t remember so someone else will have to confirm.


The Flame Snare is a singular harpoon trap that does flame DOT. It was not given initial damage.


I tested with my friend. S3 Behemoth against a Sudden Death Maggie.


It’s not the same harpoon trap or else it would be called that. I think I was told it does


sigh If you’re so certain it does, then why, pray tell, are you asking?


I’m not certain “sigh”


harpoon traps deal no impact damage.

flame snare only deals DOT

harpoon gun deals impact damage (150)


Evolve wizard strikes again!


Holy crap, it’s kala


The one and only :slight_smile:


Did you record it? Would love to watch evolve testing stuff. Once I start playing, I plan on recording sounds from the game and such


I thought Griff did 100 damage.

@ROOST_er Maggie and WLM don’t do damage with the harpoon on impact. WLM does 6hp/s for 5 seconds (or was it 5hp/s for 6 seconds…). Either way, she only does 30hp damage per harpoon max.


It would be 6 cause I remember the Dvs saying 2 of her tools does 6 dot and one does 8


That’ll be it then. I imagine it’s Daisy that does the 8.


It’s just be. I know for certain it’s not the gun


correct. gun and snares do 6. daisy does 8. however the pistol does less dot than the snare


Plot twist: it’s Maggie’s red eyes that does the 8 DOT