Does the Behemoth feel kinda/really weak?


I know it’s not out for like a few hours, but we played a lot of matches against it and won EVERYTHING. We haven’t lost a single match against any Behemoth. It’s big, very slow in combat and sit’s around like a dumb toad. Our best players tried him out and only one random player got close to doing some actual damage… He downed 1 player.

We played more than 20 matches against the Behemoth today in combination with sunny we get it with every dome, it cannot escape or defend itself very well. Jumping between two high ground points is impossible for it to follow, we actually had Behemoth players who just stopped trying when we hopped the canyon a few times with jetpack recharge. I mean we tried the new hunters against a good Kraken and the Kraken won. I simply feel like the behemoth needs something to move a little quicker in combat. Every monster can move from one spot to another pretty quick, the Behemoth can’t. He can’t stay in open ground and needs to avoid area’s with a lot of edges and high ground. We haven’t seen a lot of close quarter combat yet, no abusing caves and small area’s yet, but even then most teams simply go inside and spam heal with Slim.

I don’t think that the new hunters are OP (they might do a little too much damage though in comparison to the others), but the Behemoth is not very “tanky” as it needs to be. Armadon buff seems to give it the edge it needs. That was the only moment I felt I was fighting a tank monster.


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I disagree strongly. Behemoth is insanely powerful. He just requires a different playstyle. He is the most powerful 1v1 monster in the game, and his abilities are all great at separating and punishing isolated hunters. I’ll admit he melts under constant damage but if you play him right they can’t get off any constant damage. Also, his armour pool is spectacular.