Does the 2k account have any effect on founders status?(Question answered by Lianne!)


So I bought evolve and all of its dlc on ps4 and that’s where I’ve put hundreds of hours into it. I know that stage 2 isn’t coming to consoles just yet but I have a perfectly capable PC to play on and I would really like to play stage 2. However, with the announcement of the whole founders edition stuff and what it does for the player I would really like to be able to get that on my PC. But the only way I’ve heard of getting it is by previously owning the game on steam, which I do not. While I’m not completely opposed to purchasing a retail copy of the game in order to access the content, I am a relatively poor college student that would like to save that money if at all possible.

So my question is does our 2k account (that on the older evolve we always had to be signed into in order to access our dlc) affect our ability to receive the founders benefits? If so can I just download the game on my PC and log in and have it work or do I have some hoops to jump through?

And if in fact the 2k account does not have any effect on founders benefits and I end up having to purchase a retail copy do I have to purchase all of the dlc as well in order to access it on stage 2 immediately? So basically if I just buy evolve and not dlc do I have immediate founders access to the dlc characters as well as the base characters?

I’m apologize if this issue has been answered in some way or another already but I have looked through a couple threads and I have not been able to find a complete answer. I am also not in a position to watch a stream so if it was answered in stream already please let me know what the answer was! And if it hasn’t been asked yet perhaps somebody could ask for me and get back to me on it?

Thanks for the help!


At this point in time your My2k account has no effect on founder status on a different platform.

That could change one day, but I’d you’re jumping to pc and want Founder status, you’ll need to find a retail copy of Evolve for PC.

Edit: I’m not sure you need to purchase any dlc.


You don’t need to have purchased DLC to have Founder status. In fact, if someone goes to some retailer right now and buys Evolve, pops it in and starts playing, they get Founder status.

Unfortunately, even though you linked your account to a my2K account (if you played on PS4), it won’t grant you Founder status on PC at this time. We’re going to look into it though.


@snowkissed to the rescue! Does this help, @SpareTire?


Thank you @snowkissed! That helps a lot! I guess my only question now is if I were to go and purchase a retail copy of the base game w/o any dlc would I have complete access to the dlc characters in stage 2? Not that i’m opposed to purchasing the dlc, but from my quick search for a retail copy it looks as though the dlc may be difficult to come by nowadays.

I suppose my confusion with this stems from the page talking about founders where it says that founders have full access to all the current characters released, but it also says that any dlc that someone may have would be carried over to stage 2. So if I were to not have any dlc previously would I still have access to the characters just because i’m now a founder?

Thanks for all the help @snowkissed and @TheMountainThatRoars!


I’ll try to simplify it.

If you bought base game Evolve and no DLC, you get Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Monsters and Hunters for free as well as any of their adaptations we release!

If you bought DLC, you get the base game list, as well as the DLC Hunters and Monsters you purchased, as well as any adaptations we release. So if you bought Behemoth, you get Behemoth and any Behemoth adaptations we release.

Does that help clarify?


Yes, that answers all of my questions! Thank you again and good luck!