Does 'Solo' Experience carry over to MP?


Simply put, if I play in solo mode, do you unlock badges and characters. If so, do those unlocks carry over to multiplayer and vice versa?

Please point me to a topic if this question has already been asked.


I believe it will. From the early access media version it looks to be the case.


I can’t remember where to point you to, so I’m just going to tell you that you can. Playing offline gets you both progression and mastery, but doesn’t count for leaderboards. Same deal with custom games.


Awesome. Sometimes you want to practice with a new character before you get berated for not knowing how to use them in a match :smile:


That, and if you really don’t care for using one of the tools that’s more difficult to level up in, you can progress with that faster in a solo match and not waste your time focusing on that rather than your other skills in a public one…I’m looking at you Val’s sniper rifle!


so you could set up a game with lazarusAI and just wail on AIs until you get instant monster mastery on launch day for the 6(?)% buff in damage, then bang up some totally unranked pubs with +50% feeding and DMG bonus from the word go?

i dont even think it’d take more than 3 games if you just abused the ais

here we go…


Hmm…I don’t know. That brings up an interesting point.


The matchmaking should set you up with people of similar experience/mastery, should it not? I would also think that by the it takes me to get to that point in Solo, others would have done the same in MP. Playing in solo shouldn’t be any quicker…I hope, because that would be broken. I just wanted to get some practice in before getting @ss handed to me in MP.


well AIs are going to follow their standard path and follow daisy, so misdirection works very well on them. you could level up abduction and warp blast just by sitting on the edge of their range and letting them heal for instance, where players would push their advantage you could theoretically just XPfarm

i think matchmaking is based on skill rather than rank, so if you had no multiplayer matches played you’re matched vs any random: i don’t know for sure though.