Does slow perks works on kraken with his remote attacks?

Or I must go to ground and hit hunters manually?

Snwoballs will slow hunters. In stage 2 anyway. Don’t know about legacy.

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If I recall correctly, they do (a flying Kraken shooting snowballs do slow hunters/wildlife). At least in Stage 2. If your on Legacy/Console then I don’t know if the perk worked like that.

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snowballs… Idk, they do poison damage, but Im not sure do they do slow, but they should do it if they do poison too

Yes, Kraken’s air melee (which the community calls snowballs) does slow hunters and wildlife in Stage 2. I cannot confirm if it does it in Legacy though.

I don’t think it was ever tested in Legacy, since the only slowdown in that game was the wildlife buff IIRC.

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