Does Slim really need a nerf?

Slims recent nerf isn’t a very game changing one, but it is a step in the wrong direction. While he is still a hard counter against Bob, he really shouldn’t get generally weaker. If Slim’s burst getd more nerfs, he will eventualy become unplayable against other monsters like Kraken and Gorgon. Why not just make Living Fortress reduce Slims recharge per shot? That would probably make Slim a weaker counter.

PS: Can we buff Parnstar? His reduced rocket range has made him slightly UP.

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I would keep an eye on this thread, i fear some flame war could come out of here…


The way he is right now you’re basically forced to take the heal-nerf perk on monsters to do anything against him unless you’re a Wraith or a Gorgon.

TL;DR: He needs to be nerfed more, about 10% off his healing should do the trick.


Slim is in a great place. I can think of two words for any response that suggest that it has to get more nerfs. Do you know them? :smiley:

I hope for you that it is thank you…


I’d suggest a charge, not a nerf. Make it so his healburst is recharged by damage not the number of pellets he lands. That way DR or Living Fortess could curb his healing a bit


Love the reply. This is what I like of this forum.

Everything is fine, just keep it civil. This topic is a well heated one around here…


Yes he need a nerf so he can take some vacations and go cry alone in a dusty corner like in the last moments of Legacy, everyone will remember how OP he was and give him a short look before choosing another medic.

I quite like the idea of each monsters passive being able to incorprate things to help the balance of the game. Slim vs behemoth is a broken mess, easily too strong vs MG and Goliath could use a bit of help as well.

Reducing his healing via a passive that is different for each monster, some monsters it might even be increased?, could work so well for making each medic fair vs each monster.

Going into a game as Behemoth vs slim you genuinely might as well just leave straight away if the team is decent.


Behemoth should join him.

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Xplosion I understand you don’t like Behemoth, but does every thread you go to have to turn into a soap box? We’re talking about Silm here can we stay on that subject?


Funny how Slim’s always manages to work his way into behemoth threads.

Those 2 go hand-in-hand. Thus I said what I said.

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I know they have a twisted marriage, but let’s talk Slim here just for this thread.


Behemoth is already a wicked pub stomper, if you want this game to die nerf Slim.

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Slim needs 2 things:

  1. A player whose aim is worth a shit
  2. A shitload of nerfs

Provoking statements aside, Slim’s healing is just insane. The reason why people bring up Behemoth all the time, is because even a potato can bring forth that insane healing against a giant rock ball. It is possible against every Monster though if you just aim right and position yourself right.
Litterally his only weakness is super high burst damage while his jetpack, the shields and his leech gun are empty at the same time. And every Medic has that as a weakness.

People not complaining about Slim vs every Monster just proves 1 thing: People can’t aim. This is why I am in strong support of setting the recharge per pellet and the maximum recharge per shot to the same value, so that all that needs to be done is land 1 pellet.

You might say that this will make his skill ceiling too low, but apperantly even landing 50% of pellets is too high of a skill floor. However, Slim being the Medic with statistically the highest damage, the skill ceiling will be just that: Damage. I know that’s kind of boring but I don’t see any other way how it could be balanced across all Monsters and all skill levels.

But honestly, I don’t even think that a 1-out-of-6-pellet-accuracy is enough to make people realize how insane Slim can actually be. So going from there, I would increase the amount of pellets and increase the spread, so that the healing difference between a good and a bad Slim is about the same as the difference between a good and a bad Caira. It should be small, maybe 10%, while right now, it seems like 100%.


I think the tiny nerf was okay, considering slim’s crazy healing. but I think he’s not that OP at all, atleast I’ve managed to outdamage slims with behemoth so far.

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Yeah, he still needs a nerf imo. But seeing the small nerf he received this patch TRS will probably adjust him a little each patch until they think he is in a good spot.

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Well, fuck me, right?

AWW YISS! Cross-eyed shooters unite!!

Okay, but seriously, although I would love that change, being a horrible shot myself (and especially with fast-fire shotguns), I’m pretty sure all the good shots out there will be really aggravated by this. I mean, given the medic role, Slim is the only one where they get to show off their skills.

I think there are other ways to make Slim less frustrating. Like, as previously suggested, have DR reduce his refund, by maybe half the DR amount. Alternatively, as I have suggested somewhere before, shift his healing onto a new leech gun mechanic that isn’t based off healbursts, so he can be less immune to spread damage.

That would actually work. they need to make him more consistent overall and then they can tune his healing accordingly.