Does Slim need some adjustments?


Hi all! I was curious what the community consensus was on Slim. I played him a lot when he first came out and I have stated a couple times I have not played legacy meta for a few months. Playing the open beta for the last few days I noticed every match I had with a Slim I lost… So I took a little time to write down the statistics.

All in all, skill levels across the board included, I noticed he does not seem that great as he use to be. The spore cloud when I saw it from monster perspective proved to be no hindrance like it use to, and his healing potential seems very minuscule.

Does Slim just need to be perked up to stay solid/better? I would love to see what you guys think in terms of biggest weakness’s, strengths and possibly see a change in the future? I have seen posts about Slim being viabl but I really want to know is if he stacks up to his true potential.

  • Add Adjustments?
  • Add No Adjustments?

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Let’s see :slight_smile:


Thats really cool how did you do that? :3


iv played slim a bit and the one thing id like to know is there a DR on healing burst because sum times when i use the heal it dose nothing no healing and if so i think this is a bug or intended ?


That’s how


Fancy! Thanks dood!


From what I remember Slim got a twix (small fix) before TU9 aaaand Slim players said he did quite well.


Never heard of twix I need to start using that xD and cool, good to know!


The devs are looking into giving him some QoL buffs such as a autocast for his HB so there won’t be a need to spam that button and a damage threshold on his drone. Although these changes would be nice but it does nothing to his spores. I would rather all his kit be useful so I hope they take a look at his spores again. There is a thread that I started that mentions it.




Yeah I shouldn’t have done that… Starving here too…


Only on his spore gun Imo, the rest, to an extend is fine. though the fact that you need to get close for successful shotgun charging is counterproductive as a medic.


Can’t they just add a mechanic like Abe’s Shotgun where the pellets are concentrated in the center, but spread out more the faster you fire?


Yes please, he’s not very good. I’m on a losing streak, I can’t seem to win as him .


That sounds like a really cool suggestion, I approve. That way he can keep his distance. Not shortening the barrel too much but a better amount than now.


pretty sure that was in legacy evolve. Not sure if it’s carried over