Does reload speed affect Lennox's Lance attack speed?

Title says it all. 20charlimit

Im not sure, but i think it doesnt. :3

Hm i’ve read in an old thread (legacy) it affected it, but i can’t tell a difference, so probably not?

only if you miss, then you can try again faster

Edit: just tested it, if you hit the monster the speed looks the same, but when you miss the reload between each Lance hit is way faster

It does according to majority of forum users that answered this question but It is not better than % dmg bonus that also works with your cannon.
Even if you reach stacks faster you can not go over max stacks so dmg bonus % gives you more dps on average

Oh i see.
That doesn’t sound particularly useful, since misses should be avoided anyway.

Thanks for the info!

So much misinformation, incredible.
Good job fellow forum users.

The Plasma Lance is not and never has been affected by the Reload Speed perks and buffs.


@Rick is correct reload does not effect plasma lance. The main reason to take reload is for the Thunder Strike recharge, and possibly to speed up the auto cannon reload so it is ready when you switch back and forth on the chase.

It does not

just start a training match with full reload and another one without, you’ll see but only apply if you miss the Lance (useless)

The best way to confirm what @Rick said, is go into Overpowered and get 5 reload buffs. You see a remarkable difference with most weapons, but not with the Plasma Lance.

lol, I’m 100% sure Reload speed doesn’t affect the Lance and then I saw like 4 straight replies of people saying it does affect it in some way that totally threw me off.

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To the best of my knowledge - Lennox has no “reload” phase for the game to search for. She has a swing animation, a hit or miss animation, and a recovery animation. She never actually reloads anything- nothing for the game to buff.


i agree with this, there is nothing to reload for lance… in legacy there was an exploit where if u dcd for 5 secs u could stack damage on monster and when u connect back it did full damage… while fixing it devs mentioned that her lance had no reload mechanic attached to it…

Infinite ammo weapons don’t have a reload phase.

It has always been faster when you miss

but even faster with reload perks, that’s what I’m trying to explain

Would you be willing to fire up a game and count how many strikes/misses you can do in say, 10-15 seconds without reload versus with?