Does Paladin Parnell render Caira obsolete?

I still preferred her long after the Val buff, after all, Val’s self sustain was still crap, even if her targeted healing was more inline with what it needed to be. I have no idea how many people thought she was crap myself.

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550 every 12 seconds was great when paired with 2 types of CC.

Majority of the hunter portion of the forums were asking for Caira to be buffed up to Val’s OP level.

I know I am only saying I would prefer another way of nerfing her I didn’t like the one-nade-off approach.
And inbetween all that they don’t even bother giving Rval some love. She is possibly the easiest one of all to balance with some number buffing and they don’t even bother.

I think they specifically wanted to nerf her capacity perk choice without nerfing reload speed caira’s or the capacity perk itself.

Wasn’t the cooldown 16 seconds? Is that with class cooldowns? Regardless, Caira does better. Having a heal burst every 24ish seconds and 60 health per grenade easily overpowers 46 HPS.

Healing factors aside, Caira’s speed boost allows teammates to run like THE FLASH!

When reload speed affected CA cooldown. Then they got rid of that gave her 100 extra self heal (450 to 550) and reduced the CD to 12.

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Yeah but Val had tranqs so she could slow the monster, while a trapper like maggie or griffin cc’d with hard CC. Caira had adrenaline which was on a 45(?) second cd and her heal burst healed less than val’s while coming up half as often.

rval healgun is more than normal val.

caira has the speed run, very powerful when escaping monsters in critical moments

Obsolete? No.

PP isn’t a straight up better version of Caira. Despite what his Generyst Rocket heal numbers look like, it is very hard to sustain that maximum healing output due to various combat factors, such as PP suffering more from lack of los, rocket trajectory means its very hard to effectively heal allies on same-level terrain, he moves slower while shooting unlike Caira etc

Its just a different playstyle altogether.


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yeah but isn’t normal val like 59 per second ?

Normal val heals at 110 a second with her medgun.

People need to give PP a bit more time before people start complaining about him.
And obvious counter he have right now is the monster simply body blocking his shots, but perhaps PP can do something to prevent that, and perhaps the monsters can do something to prevent him preventing him, we will see.

Anyway, Caira’s grenades feel a lot more conistent imo. Keep in mind the only difference is the drop, if you compensate for it (which goes quickly, besides on 30m range where you mostly use it you hardly need to compensate) it’s much easier to land. I feel the velocity on her grenades are higher too, but this is nothing I can 100% surely say.

nope, its 55 - 56.

heal burst is 300

Yes, every 0.5 second.

Her self heal for the HB is 550 the allied heal is 307 her medgun is 110. They increased the damage of monsters in stage 2 they would not have halved her medgun heals per second.

The number on screen shows 55 or 56 but its every 0.5s that’s why he got confused. Yeah, it’s 110/s

you are right

And people don’t believe me when I say that Caira is UP:

She’s pretty much useless now. I have never seen even a single person choose her after PP was released.

A character being strong does not by relation make another character under powered.

Caira is not underpowered. We still need I do those customs! Maybe this weekend if everyone’s on :smiley: