Does Paladin Parnell render Caira obsolete?


Paladin’s healing rocket launcher has five shots to a clip and each one heals for 125. Caira’s grenade launcher has four, and each heals for 125.

Rockets also have a much faster travel time and go in a straight line.

Rockets reload more slowly, yes, but to compensate for that Paladin also has his Righteous Fury which gives a lot of healing for the team, and it’s much better for keeping others alive than the Adrenaline Boost.

On top of all of that he also has the ability to facetank kind of like Slim, which is also aided by Righteous Fury.

I’m not jumping to conclusions here, but this concerns me so I’ll ask the community-

Can Paladin heal his team better than Caira or does she still pull ahead in the heal other department?



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Yes yes he does. What if we gave Caira DR too?



I mean I just checked again. His Reload is really almost the same as Caira’s.

Caira’s HB does help out and Paladin’s won’t heal other people, but Righteous Fury makes up the difference and is probably much stronger.

So his heal other is just as good, he does more damage, and I think his self sustain is just as good too.


His self sustain for me while playing at least is way stronger than the two Cairas.


Caira is still a better choice for team healing imo, her Heal Bursts definitely help the team.

Paladin Parnell does render Rogue Val somewhat obsolete though. His healing is better and even if his self sustain is worse, it’s still good enough to force the Monster to focus someone else first.

Edit: Apparently Papa’s healing output is higher than Caira’s.


Been playing with it lately- Righteous Fury improves healing much much much more than Caira’s slow, occasional burst does. :frowning:


Dang mang… that sucks.

Considering Caira is about as perfect as it gets for an example on how Medics should be, I think Papa could use a nerf in that regard.


Rockets also have a significantly faster base fire rate than grenades rate BTW.

Paladin has a harder time swapping between healing himself and allies but has a damage reduction cooldown in addition to having superior team sustain and comparable self sustain.


Well GG boys.


Caira is officially obsolete… her heal burst are weaker even thou effect for all allies but it didn’t make up for firing speed for each nades to cover team mates

PaPa on other hand rockets has slow recharge but high firing speed for each rocket make it much more good to heal… couple with righteous fury, he can outheal monster damage if hank+PaPa combo is used…


I don’t know though, haven’t people been saying Paladin’s pretty balanced?

Didn’t consider that, that’s definitely true.

Going from healing others to healing yourself is simple, when the monster attacks you the first burst is enough to cover the first ability and by then the shotgun is out.

Going from healing yourself to healing others is a bit slower but that’s really the only downside there.

The one other advantage Caira’s got is, IMO, Paladin’s self healing will take a hit from fighting a Kraken or a skittish Wraith.


on the long term, yes

on the short term, probably.

caira heals the same amount per shot, while falling short by 1. so she heals 500 per clip, p.parnell heals 625 per clip.
while caira can outburst p.parnell for a very short time with heal burst, which is 350, shes quickly outran by p.parnell.
p.parnell also fires way faster then caira.

if p.parnell pops righteous fury,he can unload 3 barrages of 5 missles very quickly(+ 2 missles), allowing him to heal 2150 in very short span of time.


His rockets have acceptable self healing for circumstances when he has difficulties getting shotgun shots into his opponents. Like, less healing than caira is able to output but not terrible, something like 20-30% inferior.

EDIT: Specifically, they heal for only 30 each, but he fires much faster sooooooo yah. If the shotgun isn’t doing anything for you, you can swap over to the rocket launcher to supplement the healing. The reload is long enough that you can fire a few shots before the reload on the shotgun is up.


I didn’t even know that until ten seconds ago when I checked the stats thread. 30 per shot as opposed to Caira’s 50 per shot. While also firing faster, reloading the same, and having an extra rocket.

Plus, again, Righteous Fury really makes Generyst rockets much better.


@Insane_521 Is this completely intended?

So are there some sort of Caira buffs in the works, or are you planning on nerfing Paladin? I know it’s early on, but even at this stage it’s pretty obvious that he’s basically rendering Caira obsolete.


We need to know her actual fire rate preferably per minute and her reload speed to be able to tell that for sure.


Here ya go


Is that official or just some random person calculated it? has it been calculated since evolve stage 2?


Official from evolve wiki…

Her firing speed are sloooww


But is it from an official source plenty of wiki’s are community run.