Does no one have a mic!?


The amount of people without mics on this game is ridiculous!! I’ve played about 10 hours and have only come across one player with a mic and that player didn’t even speak!
Unless you have friends that play this game it sucks. Without good communication you might as well kill yourself as soon as the game starts.
Most players think its perfectly fine to just split up from everyone else and try to take the monster on by themselves .
When you do find the monster all everyone is focused on is the monster. There is no healing,no buffing…nothing!
If there is anyone out there with a mic add me on ps4 MaSh_MaN94

Silence in the lobbies

If it makes you feel any better, it’s exactly the same on Xbox One. Between the bad match making, the long loads, the lack of communication among players, the rank and leaderboard resets, and the Wraith, I don’t see this game lasting two more months. Sucks because this was my most hyped game in years.


Start a Thread, find teammates, go rek shit = Profit?


Are you surprised? Same thing with console Battlefield. Sucks man.


Yeah such a shame :confused: It was my most anticipated game for 2015 too.


you dont need much communication on battlefield that’s why. You could pretty much carry your whole team to a win.


I believe it’s mostly because of how horrible and loud the feedback has been with mics on evolve. Anytime I’ve found people with mics they’re all muffled and extremely loud to the point where people just take theirs out because you can’t hear them anyway. Just added you mashman btw


I think you mean that PS4 is an ‘unsociable’ platform. Anti-social people tend to be those who are hostile and unfriendly towards others, often to the detriment of public order.


I’ll admit sometimes i don’t feel like speaking so I don’t.

It is possible to win without a mic though, if everyone on the team is competent and knows what they are doing/ suppose to do, then winning without a mic is just a easy with one tbh.


Are you sure? Haven’t received a friend request.


Should be there now. I think I just sent the message and not the inv


It’s definitely a pain in the ass to play with no mic guys. They are rampant no mic guys on X1 and PS4. I started playing and every guy I ran into that played with a mic I added to my friends list. After about a day or so I had a solid 10-15 on that played with a mic. I pretty much always have a premade now. Keep pushing because the game is awesome with a full group and everyone has their mics on.


Thanks @Jynxten for that Websters definition and no real help to the thread


The only help I can give is don’t play with randoms. I can’t make people use their mics for you.


Oh of course. My fault. I’ll go buy the game for all my real life friends and make them play. Or I’ll just friend request every person who plays the game period and maybe I’ll be okay…lol. Gotta love cynical trolls


Still haven’t received it lol


I’m not trolling anyone. Nor am I cynical. Going out of my way to find people to play with is exactly what I did when I first started playing team-based games. I went on to the PlayStation Official Forums, started talking to people there, and the ones I found most affable I friended.
I wouldn’t advice just randomly friending any ol’ person. You don’t know who you’d get.


Having played Battlefield for years, beginning on PC, you need communication. It’s not Call of Duty. You’re looking at a squad of four players with thirty plus on a team. Prior to Hardline, you had to request ammo, there were no perks. Health was requested.

In theory, yes. You can play without a mic but you can’t carry a team alone. I hate Battlefield with players who won’t talk.


On PC, I find that most people have mics, they just don’t like to be the first one to speak.

I engage teammates as I can, and we usually do fine with communication.

In summary…the same as every multiplayer PC game with voice communication ever.


Well, most of the players that I have played with are dicks on the mics, people who are level 2,3,4… Who blame everyone saying “you suck” but without saying what does that person needs to improve, I’m always nice with new players, if they don’t know how to play, I help them, but yeah, I don’t mics most of the time and I have been in some amazing teams and we never used mics.