Does movement speed affect goliath like it does wraith?


just wondering cant test it right now does he go roughly the same walking speed as wraith if they were both to have it


It still affects them both by the same percentage. Not sure on their specific movement speeds but it will affect them both in exactly the same way. :slightly_smiling:


ok then but will goliath go faster with his hulk jumps


Most likely yes, if you jump from high places


is it worth using over other perks like feed speed,damage and cooldown


Nope. It doesn’t affect any monster’s traversal speed.


I mainly use Cooldown Reduction as Goliath and rarely anything else


I use movement speed on goliath so I can sneak faster. It’s personal preference at the end of the day.


no I mean will he be faster then wraith because his traversal is better at distance


well I need to find a better perk because feed speed keeps failing me at times


If you want distance then either Movement Speed or Stamina Regen would be the best picks


is stamina as good as movement though


He’s faster at traversing the map than wraith anyway. Either movement speed or stamina regen like xPredators said are the best perks for faster map traversal.


Wraith is not the fastest monster, she is simply the quickest. Wraith can cover a short distance faster than any other monster, she is a sprinter not a marathon runner. Behemoth and Gorgon I think are the fastest over the longest distance.


how long does it take goliath to regen a traversal with stamina regen


but there the weakest monsters though


Lol, no monster is weak in the right hands.


Not a clue. :smile:

I’m sure @The_Mastermind would know though.


behemoths too fat and gorgon takes more damage then wraith


Just start a Solo hunt and pick Goliath and Stamina Regen, at the start of the match just spam traversals and as soon as you use the first one either count in your head or use a timer and when you get another traversal you’ll know how long it takes.