Does monster currently have a advantage?


After the patch it seems impossible as a rank 40 to take monsters over rank 2. Are other hunters experiencing the same difficulities? I am currently rank 40 and i used to have a good 50/50 percent chance to win. This have drastacly changed.

I am up for your guys oppinion


No idea man. I wreck most monsters, and I’m level 39.


Monster’s skill ceiling is much higher than the hunter’s. Because of this, it takes so much more time to get better and become a good monster.

EDIT: Dyslexia got to me. No, monsters are not at an advantage. Stage 1 is when hunters have advantage, stage 2 is even, stage 3 monster has advantage. If you get the monster down in HP stage 1 and 2, stage 3 should be no problem.

PUG games are harder, but I can still win more than I lose. I’ve been playing monster a bit more now, so I don’t know if people have gotten better as monsters.


They have a huge advantage against a bad team, like they should.

That’s why I play trapper the most as a hunter. I know I can consistently dome, track, and slow the monster. So if I just do my job really well, the monster will have a hard time eating and evolving, as well as attacking us with all the slowing down, and after long enough of me preventing his eating and evolution we’ll eventually win.


The fact is that it’s the Hunters game to lose.

With 5 skilled players the Hunters have the advantage, especially with this Caira/Hank meta you see in every single game. I would say that currently Kraken is the only Monster that can compete against a skilled meta lineup.


after the cabot nerf kraken dominates realy hard , very few wins for hunters in esl tournament tonight


I think that a lot of rank 40 monsters are good monsters, they know their game and they know how to counter the tactics that are going on. This means hunters need to have great communication, and be able to react. Part of the thing that makes a level 40 hunter team strong though isn’t it’s ability to fight, but it’s ability to trap a monster at worst as it evolves to stage 2.

I think monsters are doing well in pubs because this communication (or lack thereof) means they can get to stage 2 without the hunters being close.I can’t speak for competition.


Monsters have always been able to control the flow of the game by negating damage in Domes and being able to evade them outright well.

It is the Monster’s game to lose in my opinion - they practically need to pick and stick with a bad fight for Hunters to win.

Monsters have been realizing how to play optimally - they don’t fight bad fights in Domes as often like bots do.