Does Meteor Goliath's DOT work the same way as Wasteland Maggie?


for example right now, WLM has a DOT on the Snare Trap that does x amount of damage per second for x amount of seconds. Once x amount of damage has been done it no longer does damage.
The DOT also works the same way for Daisy and the Pistol.


Does MeteorG’s fire keep burning and damaging the hunters indefinitely or does it stop after a set amount been done?




I believe it goes on until a certain time has passed, or until a set amount of damage has been done


All dots work the same.


I don’t think so,

Hunters’ dot damages stack with each shots, MG only resets the duration of his dot damages with each ability.


Except WLM, I’ve been told the harpoon snare does like (I’m just throwing a number here) 45 DOT but it stops doing anymore damage after 45, even if the snare is still connected.


only 1 way to confirm. @Insane_521


All dots are time based. So we set a duration and that is how long the DoT will burn for.

Meteor is 6 seconds if I do recall.