Does leaving count as a loss in pvp evac


if someone could tell me I would appreciate it because I’m really getting bored of playing against the bots I could give them daisy they still couldn’t dome me


During the game? Because in that case yes.


I believe it does yes. Evac can be really annoying, especially when everyone else leaves on the last day.


Say before the 2nd day match starts


If it’s during a transition time or character select screen it should not give you a loss.


Well there goes that idea anyone here wanna play? because I am bored of bots


I get ninja’d by you every time. :cry:


That is true good job guessing that BTW every monster I have is elite


I’m not on at the moment. Feel free to add me though and we can play some time.
GT: Jedi Warriors08
You are on Xbox right?


Lol you’ve ninja’d me I think :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I am on xbox


Have I? I’m confused. :confused:


Cool. Is your GT the same as your forum name?


No it is not


Honestly not sure but I’ve been ninja’d as well just lost track of all the people that have done it to me :confused:


Oh I thought you meant in this thread. :laughing:
I have done my fair share of ninjaing in my time on the forums.