Does Lazarus needs a buff? (poll)


Hello again :smile: Since my first two polls went pretty well and I got to hear so many awesome opinions, I wanted to make another poll about another hunter, a very controversial one, Lazarus. So again, feel free to express your thoughts on why he needs a buff or just doesn’t need one.

  • Yes, Lazarus needs a buff
  • No, Lazarus is fine

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No, with a good team he is good.


Yeeeaaaah, I feel like he really needs a buff. While yes, high-level characters could be very good with him, I feel like his level requirement (and team requirement) versus his effectiveness is way off.


Yeah, to be very effective with him, you need to put a lot of effort, especially againts high level monsters


Yeah, and at that point, I feel like you mind as well use Caira.


I think Laz should have healing grenades and bucket turrets, maybe a personal shield which also makes him invisible


0_O Ok, that sounds pretty fair lol


That’s sounding like a complete rework, and honestly, a bit unneeded.



Personally I think they should buff his healing while nerfing the time it takes to res. The res is ridiculously fast and forces covering a body for 45 seconds, sacrificing your incap, or going for the win immediately. If you miss one hit slightly there is a res.

Maybe this is a problem with some of the other OP characters, but I just don’t get why a res with such benefits is faster than any other.


Third option needed, no he doesn’t need a buff, but no he isn’t fine


Lazarus isn’t a healer medic, and his healing is already plentiful given that fact.


I’ll add that


Oh… I can’t, I need a mod to make that change :<


The only buff Lazarus needs in my opinion is slight in that his cloak’s duration while being used is only 13 seconds. This is great for going into resurrect and get out, however it’s not enough for him to get away. I believe that I should last longer perhaps just like the Support’s cloak.


Yeah, I think he needs something to be different, but I think simply buffing him will just make another problem elsewhere


i think he needs a change
a SLIGHT change


You should summon one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a feeling that in every poll the hunter or monster will “need a buff.” With the exception of sunny, Torvald, and kraken


I realized that Lazarus works extremely good with a good team that coordinates and plans ahead.

An ESL team (forgot their name) runs Lazarus as their medic, and guess how they destroy multiple top ranks and ESL monsters? They leave Lazarus outside the dome while trapper, assault, and support go in and punish the monster and as soon as one dies the dome will be taken out while pressure is on the monster so it won’t eat the body. Next thing you know the dead hunter is revived because the monster couldn’t do anything. This strategy has even happened to me and it is extremely exhausting to plan what you must do, because Lazarus at that point just messes with your head.

The personal healing burst is actually for personal use and for times when chasing the monster but not in combat. The game even says that he isn’t a medic, but a Lazarus man which makes total sense. If he’s in the dome then yeah, consider your team a loss because he sucks at that point.