Does Lazarus need a buff?


So I’ve played a lot of Laz. He is my favorite medic so I know all about how people write him off as a joke. So the question is raised, does he need a buff? Most threads I see all suggest the same things, such as toggle cloak, ranged revives, etc. I got to thinking pretty hard about this and I think I may have gotten to the root of the problem. All of the other characters in the game are self sufficient. No one else needs the full support of the rest of your team in order to perform your basic function. Val, caira, and slim don’t need the whole team to help them get heals off, but Laz does. You need the help of the entire team to punish body camping in order for laz to do his one job. So I personally think that after much consideration that the thing that laz needs is to have his sniper rifle buffed. In the current state of the game one reaload of the rifle is enough time for a monster to finish the body so I have two main ideas. Give the sniper rifle more damage and give the rifle a significantly shorter reload. This would allow Laz to at least keep the moanster from eating while the rest of the team gets caught up and shoots with him. I know Laz has been talked about for a long time and people are afraid that even a small fix would make him OP. I think this fix is a realistic option that would make him more viable. Any thoughts?


yes he needs a buff without any discussion because of one point: bodys falling through the map nearly every second game i play with him. this bug is very old, so i guess they cannot fix it… therefore he needs a better cloak or shorter device.


Exactly this. Glitching corpses are the worst and can potentially make or break a game. I don’t think his rifle needs a damage boost, the point is to provide weak spots for other people to hit for extra damage. A slight decrease in reload time might be a good idea, although I always use the reload speed perk with Laz so I haven’t noticed a problem much. A toggable cloak might work, but it’s difficult to say whether or not it would OP him.


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