Does Lazarus have a set number of charges?


I noticed that on Laz’s character model he’s got three little vials of blue liquid on his Lazarus Device arm. I thought that with all the accusations of Lazarus being overpowered it would make sense for Lazarus to only have 3 charges on his Lazarus Device, so that he can’t bring back a Hunter from the dead every single time. It would also force medics to prioritize who they want to bring back from the dead.

Picture for reference.


nope. its unlimited. good idea tho. but hunters going down and getting revived by laz doesnt happen as often as you think. its an average of 4-6 per match. plus i learned that val can revive hunters with her med gun from afar…so now they are even to me.


I dunno, it still seems a tad unfair to me for Lazarus to be able to bring back anyone from the dead at any time no matter what, and he removes a strike.


Im actually hoping for lazarus players when i play as the monster. To me its less fustrating to have a 3v1 baiting laz to heal all the time than a 4v1 why isnt anyone dying type of game. idk how much content you have seen. but if you lightning strike, vortex then 2 autos at stage 3 kraken will down them every time (aside from assault shield and heal burst) meaning i can fight with one less the rest of the fight. your a big monster. use your big but and sit on the body. if they use orbital strike or hydes flame thrower blast him away and dodge. but never lose sight of that body and look for laz. its a cloak but not completely invisible too btw. you can see any rocket boosts. 1 hit stops the laz device.


Bleurg! Any perceived overpoweredness is because people can’t contextualise healing over the course of a game. In the thread on telemetry we see that Val (last month) averaged almost 4000 points of healing. I don’t know what the total health of a hunter is, but it would need to be 665HP and up for lazarus, currently, to be providing the same level of "stay alive"ness that Val does on average. (based on @kyronr600’s assertion of 6 revives per match)

Yes, Laz avoids strikes. Why? Because he has no constant focused heal like Val. Hunters should, in theory, go to incap state more when Lazarus is on the team but the lack of the health reduction makes up for that fact.

The play styles are different, Val is there to stop you ever going down, Laz is there to make sure if you go down you get back up again. The risk for Val is that if you aren’t keeping everyone topped up then they could get that strike which means it’s harder to keep them alive. The risk for Laz is that his usefulness is relegated to very specific moments in the battle, and moments where a keen eye’d monster can swiftly cut off that avenue for healing.

I want to go back to the “one thing” thread and say the one thing I’m hoping for is not to have the experience drowned out by people moaning about Lazarus having unlimited uses of his resurrection ability. :wink:


there will be alot of blind monsters out there just saying…see hunters. press buttons. lose. lol!


He doesn’t remove strikes, just prevents them. You get strikes every time you respawn on the drop ship or are revived from an incap by anyone who isn’t Laz


Ohhh, thanks for clarifying. I thought that Laz could actually remove a strike. I suppose that’s actually fair then, but I also feel like if you’re revived from an incap by any medic it shouldn’t count as a strike.


I think everyone thought that at first, and it would seem that way if you’re new to Evolve

Hmm, I suppose. But that makes everyone kinda half-Lazarus. If Val could still revive from afar and prevent strikes I think that’d be OP.


@niaccurshi is 100% correct in all aspects of his post.

Hunters have 1600 health points, btw.


Ya nice post @niaccurshi


Yeah, and it’s not like a certain monster has a certain ability to mine certain areas to prevent hunters like Lazarus from reaching them…


Based on cooldown. We’ve seen good devs try and keep away Laz, but Laz can sneak in and rez pretty well. It does put a nice pointy target on him though :slight_smile:


A nice Vortex sized target.


A nice Mega Mouth size to… Om nom nom nom