Does Kraken look like Grumpy Cat to you?


Seriously, Look at these two faces and tell me I’m wrong. They bear a very similar grumpy expression.


XD I love it



Grumpy cat probably doesn’t even give evolve/armor.


Upon consumption, I’m sure it will reduce your evo meter.


He’s sophisticated, looking down on the piddly, pitiful humans coming after him. He’s not grumpy…he’s dignified!


I’ll never look at kraken the same again…



I just wanna grab those tentacles and give him a big smooch. I love what they did with his lower lips.


Suddenly very concerned about your mental health, Sledge…

Very very concerned.



I feel like kraken has some really amazing emotive aspects in its design. The way it sort of plops it’s lips and tentacles in the character select screen makes him look really brooding and displeased. I definitely agree with the grumpy cat vibe.

There is another funny thing I noticed during the alpha, and I’m going to make a point of capturing some beta footage and synching it to music. I won’t spoil it just yet :stuck_out_tongue:



^^aww you beat me to it!!


Now all I can think of when I see Kraken’s face in the monster selection screen: ‘Go ahead, pick Wraith. See if I care.’


Oh my god, you win the internet today. I can’t not laugh when I look at this.


hahaha! Fear the Grumpken!


So when does this get turned into a Kraken skin?


To you and @theo_mm, you both get 100 cookies for this awesomeness!


God dammit. Before, I was just going to stick to Goliath and Wraith. Kraken never really made me feel it. But now I really, really, really, need to give him another chance.


I’ve always thought so, actually. And this has been my reaction since: