Does it surprise anyone that this game is bleeding its player base?


Honestly, as much as I love the premise of this game, Evolve is roughly half of a game that sells for twice what a complete one does. It’s buggy, there’s very little content, and it’s so poorly balanced it feels like it’s still in BETA (and that’s not even accounting for all the assorted DLC BS).

So it’s not at all surprising that all those scathing reviews mention how much people wanted to like this game, and how much it subsequently disappointed them. And likewise it doesn’t come as a shock that in the course of a month the regular player base has literally halved.

Maybe I’m an alarmist, and maybe the fact that this game is so overpriced that you at turtlerock studios are already minted- but regardless I figure this game needs some pretty drastic intervention if it’s going to last longer than a year.


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