Does Getting Disconnected From A Game Due to "Connection Timed Out From Host" Count As A Loss?


I know after the Behemoth patch that leaving a game counts as a loss but what about getting disconnected? I just got disconnected from the game I was playing and couldn’t do anything about it but I’m not sure if it counted as a loss because I haven’t lost on my Behemoth yet.


It should count as a loss to my knowledge of the changes.


Damn that sucks so now if I actually lose a game as Behemoth my win loss cuts in half ._.


Try to check Leaderboards. They are pretty much useless, but they will tell you that much I suppose.


Well the problem is the first loss doesn’t do anything to your win loss ratio because any amount of wins divided by one is the same number so I can’t tell if it counted as a loss or didn’t. My deaths are still 0 because I didn’t die in the game though.


I actually don’t think so. But it’s possible.


I think if you leave the game, you get the loss now. And DC counts as a leave I believe. Not sure on it, something people have to test.


Lol the problem is how do you trigger a disconnection


The person testing it would have to know their exact WLR before every game they play until they finally get disconnected


If this is only happening to you now or just once your lucky, I get disconnected or have to quit all the time due to bugs, who cares about the WLR , from what I can tell doesn’t seem to work that great anyways as the leaderboards don’t seem to work too well anyways, just as long as you don’t have deaths :wink:


Yeah, I suppose count out each win, and loss.


I’m just curious nothing wrong with knowledge :wink: and it has happened to me multiple times this is just the first time where it’s on a character I haven’t lost yet on (Behemoth) I was hoping to get as high a WLR as possible just to test my luck but I don’t care much if I lose to a good team, I just rather not lose to the servers lol