Does gamestop give a steam key?


Does anyone know if there will be a steam key included with the Gamestop Hard copy? Or will i have to preorder through steam? I haven’t bought a pc game from gamestop for ages so I’m not sure how they do things.


I would say no. Although I am not certain I do know Vale and Gamestop have never made deals in the past


Best call your local gamestop.


I believe they do. I don’t think you can run Evolve on the PC without steam.


Evolve will be delivered with a DVD case, inside this case there will be a Steam key that you can activate on Steam. This is for all of the pre-order’s.
Evolve game is Steam platform based so you can add, invite and play with friends and gaming buds. Im 99% sure if this.


You are 100% correct. Source: I bought PC games from there in the past.


awesome. Thanks guys. Wanted a Box cause my 2 year old loves the monsters but he also loves destroying disks.