Does Evolve hate me?

Ok guys, this is like my 3rd post on this stuff, you can ignore it. I would just like to let the devs know that they need to fix this leveling loss and character reset stuff fixed. I reached lvl 40. I got reset. Got back up to lvl 26. I now have had my leveling reset AGAIN. So I guess im never going to be able to keep an elite skin. (Jumping in to a game with lvl 1s). Good day to you all.

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A patch is in certification, it will not be long now.

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Last i heard it was done friday thats 4 days why is it taking that long to get certification? Other games have updates/fixes etc… 3 or more a week like destiny . Sorry this whole it’s being certified stuff is getting old.

Certification time depends on how big the patch is from my understanding.

Certification is a bit of a bureaucracy issue because it’s the approval system of the platform creators; they need to test it and make sure it doesn’t break anything, and then they push it out to the public.

Well then.

Thanks for the info.

It hasn’t happened to me, but the fact that there’s no compensation other than, sorry guys tough shit you’ll just have to do it all again, you’re better off just waiting to play again unless you don’t care.

Yea, I have been lucky so far… (knocks on wood)… but when I have seen it, it was during custom matches… so I avoid those for now. As mentioned, we’re still awaiting word on final patch…

For now, peeps can bookmark these threads;


It can take a month or longer for a patch to go through certification. Because this is a multi-plat, the patch has to be certified by Sony and MS. Games like Destiny have a lot of information stored server side so they can quickly and easily make the necessary tweaks without having to pay through the nose each time like most publishers have to do. Also, it’s entirely possible that Activision and Bungie applied for and got the right to self publish on the respective consoles. This allows them to have special permission to skip the certification process. Last I heard, EA was looking to do the same thing so they could run a CTE client for BF4 on Xbone and PS4.

Truthfully, I’ve never understood the certification process. I understand why it exists in theory, ( - this link gives a good idea why they do certification these days. Back in the day anyone could make games for some systems like the Atari and that did not go well for anyone.), it just doesn’t actually really seem to help with the quality of released titles as far as I can tell. Bf4 is a great example. That game was broken to the point that my Xbox 360 crashed hundreds of times while trying to play in the months after launch and one MP map, Dawnbreaker, didn’t work at all for a large portion of Xbox 360 players for the first 8 months after release. In many cases certification doesn’t seem to stop broken, buggy games from being released on the platform. It just makes the platform manufacturer a ton of cash and us have to wait even longer for updates. Even after switching to PC, I’m still stuck waiting on Sony and MS.


Good to know it my take a month or more this just helped me make mind up for sure to get a refund no way in hades i’m waiting even another day or so but a month lol kk good luck guys.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ve seen players stick it out through worse bugs with less interesting games so the fact that you are leaving over this surprises me. I get it I guess. Not everyone has patience for this kind of stuff.

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I don’t really think it’ll take another month, but waiting for a patch? - That’s what you get when you buy a cross-platform game - the crap of three platforms combined (but mostly console business practice crap).

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Yeah, that seems reasonable. Don’t know your core feeling about the game, but TRS is really working hard to fix this. If the game is something you enjoy, seems a bit of patience is warranted.

– my unsolicited $0.02

Sorry but i’m a bit older than most here i’m sure 52 i grew up in the 60’s my values seem different than most now days. To me when i buy let’s say a 60$ new lamp bring it home plug it in, it only works half the time keeps shooting bulbs what do i do return it to the store and wait for those aholes in china maybe fix it someday or get my money back?
When I pay these guys 60$ for a game that does not work right after two weeks, thats long enough, people need to stop letting these folks keep ripping them off you know why? because it will keep getting worse games will keep getting put out unfinished . I’ll hush now on one final note, i hope it’s not true that this reset bug has been around even in alpha/beta if so…