Does everyone know or what?


Am i the only one who knows behemoth was a fan idea that got submitted to trs i saw the thread where it was discussed. So am in the dark did everyone just decide to throw it away like it never happened if so u want the community to make more threads like that one

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What was the thread name?



Because monsters like behemoth have to be in concepts way before threads like that can show up.



I dont remember but someone just said “Anyone think we should have a “Turtle Rock” theme monster” Which made a certain rock turtle @SledgePainter can you link this



Nope, I remember that thread and it was the beginning of @Bear_Stream and afew others trying to make a turtle monster. When this was made I believe Behemoth was in concept already.



but it perfectly described behemoth



maybe the devs saw it and built behemoth off of it



Yeah but it also had a Turtle shell and head,didnt have three of Behemoths abilities,and was but up when Behemoth was most likely in concept.



okay maybe your right i just saw posts that showed people saying maybe we should make him lava and seem like tetonic plates and give him rock like armor that looks like mountains ect which the devs did to a more refined extent



It’s also possible that they had several Monster concepts and seeing the fan ideas influenced their decision to go in the direction of a rock creature for the first DLC Monster.



I thought it was the name the fans came up with?



Its not impossible,just unlikely.



They asked fans to vote to pick between several names as well.

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Yeah i think the names were just voted on not created



Really not sure why you think it would be unlikely. They explicitly ask for ideas & direct feedback. Then, what? Ignore it, but decide to do something similar that’s completely unrelated? THAT’S unlikely. I’m sure they have a ton of ideas, it’s pretty likely that feedback helps narrow it down.



The development cycle on a creature is at least eight months, so Behemoth was well on his way by the time of the Beta. We did vote on the name, and it’s possible some of the T4 discussions over the Oct-Dec period may have had some influence. I forgot when we saw the first Behemoth test footage, but I believe it was in Dec.



yeah our monster was a turtle who walked on all fours. it took us months just to vote on how it moved, how it traversed. how it stands, how it attacks with elements. and then behemoth was revealed. so we dropped the idea since it was too similar.

we had the idea to change terrain. but not a single rock wall. earth was our element. other than that the other moves were not similar.

now we have a plague/bacteria spewing grapple hook alien beasty that is in the process of deciding abilities. so far it has a spore cloud that will change how the hunters see the battlefield as well as do DoT. we are voting for move #2 soon. an AOE attack. you should check it out and vote!

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To be fair, the concept of a beffy rocky monster is not super innovative in itself, so these things are bound to happen.

I once had to deal with a player contacting me saying that we stole his idea for a League champion, idea that he published about one month before the champion was revealed. Knowing that we had been testing said champ. internally long before the guy even made his thread, I was kinda confident that he was wrong.

Also had a player complaining that we stole his idea for another champ : Using a skull as a shoulder pad :slight_smile:



I think you refer to this old creation thread, which was abandoned once behemoth was unveiled.



yup thats the one