Does everyone hate playing assault? 0_0


I don’t know why, but lately I have been forced to fill assault spot( my least favorite class) so many times with Marcov, I have gotten so TIRED of him, I hate Marcov because I have played him so much, I wish they could put the assault( or any other class) bot random in online matches, I’m tired of playing him, I do like Hyde though, I have him elite, but man, I’m really sick of playing Marcov so much when I join matches T_T So yeah, just wanted to share my thoughts


how i feel with maggie and val.


Actually Assault is the most popular class. According to recent data MacMan posted here:


In my experience, sadly ,50% of the time I’m filling assault spot with Marcov :<


I would like to see a randomizer, like they do for monster.


Theres a randomizer thingy coming up, its already in PC and soon consoles (i believe)


I hope it comes, that would be very nice.


Until you get dropped into a Parnell bot ;-;
I can’t play Parnell ;-;


i ahtet assault

but then ive tryed ololol 360noscopemortars while 420 blazing my shotgun in ure face torvald

hes rly funny to play as


Did somebody say Parnell?


If only twitch emotes worked here…


assault my main, only got to elite parnell now. cant wait!


Thank you, @TheMountainThatRoars , I can’t believe I made that horrible mistake, english is not my first language after all DX


It has been randomized since that first big patch. I see Hyde bots all the time.


I’m a Markov main ^.^
Nah I enjoy assault class


I love it I love it I love it!
I spam Hyde whenever I get the chance! I’m also SUPER happy because I’m like number 35 regional (europe) with him ;W;


Nobody had first pick of assault in my community group on Friday :stuck_out_tongue: It was everyone’s 4th pick or 5th haha :slight_smile: Although, twas a small sample size.


Not, it’s not, online doesn’t have a randomizer , when you’re waiting in the lobby online and one spot isn’t filled, then one of the first tier hunters will fill it, if it was random then I doubt it would be you only telling me this, maybe you’re confusing solo mode or the times when a player chooses a character and then leaves.


I love 'em, the only class I have maxed across all tiers.


Online actually does have a randomizer. I’ve been seeing a LOT of Crow bots because we havent got the trapper spot filled. I’ve seen a Lazarus bot, and a Sunny bot too.
They weren’t picked.
The computer picked it for us.


It’s because when you have only three Hunters, Markov bot is the most reliable.