Does every support (but Bucket) have the same shield value?


If so does that mean it may be adjusted in the future to fit their kits better, kind of like how the medics have their own unique HB.

Bucket right now can have double capacity of shielding since his MR (Mechanized Recharge) quickly restores his CA.

I would imagine defensive supports like Hank and Sunny have slightly higher self capacity and vanilla team shielding since they already have a shield or a booster. Meanwhile Cabot having a slightly higher one for everyone would make sense.

I’m not sure how I’d do Kala, as she’s still weird to play with. Maybe a shield on the pads instead. :laughing:


Tech Sgt. Hank’s Shield Burst can stack with his Shield Charger.
They both stay on a hunter until the shield is depleted by taking damage.


Does one of the shield go over the other?


Are you asking which gets drained first sb shield or hank shield projector shield?

Because I’ve SB’d and then shielded when a hunter is about to get combo’d and at the end of it when I release the shield projector there is a little bit of shielding left.


No, Tech Hanks shield burst ADDS to what his beam uses.

Reg. Hank’s shield beam overrides shield burst on someone.


Most of the supports have different shields already. They differ with the shield decay rate, the cooldown, or the hp of the shield on hunters/self. Tech being the most unique, with it being really low hp but it doesn’t decay.


Mind blowing…
I think they’re all at a really nice spot, except maybe for Cabot and Kala whom might need slight twerking.