Does emet have any skins released?


Last night I played with an emet who had a skin I’ve not seen. His whole arm was baby blue.


I don’t see any news, any chance that was just his arm color?


Valkrie skin


Like this?


No, I seen if I can find a pic and found it on google.

I didn’t even know he had a skin out.

Is it really wow, I’m late


Yeah i’ve been hesitant to buy it because it’s so close to gis regular skin/elite i would prefer the pheonix skin


Pheonix skin would be awesome. But the Valkyrie skin looks really good on him and is very noticeable, its a shiny blue. It looks sick


I hope dlc characters get some more skin luv


I think this looks way better than the Elite Skin I grinded for.


I agree. Still haven’t even elited emet yet, I’m stuckmon the tier 3 respawn beacon.

I might just buy this skin and tell everyone it shis elite skin lol


I just set the Arena to hear of 3 and let my team die about 3 (sometimes 4 times) each match. Let the monster win 2 times to extend it. Easy, just very time consuming.
I didn’t know that skin was available for purchase, I’m going to look when I get home today. Thanks for the image.


He has the Valkyrie, elite and victory skins right now.


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