Does Crows stasis gun pull down Kraken?


Title says it all 


I don’t think it does, but it suppose to. Seem like the patch gave the Kraken stealthy buffs.


I don’t even know. Most of the time I can’t even tell if I hit because of how slowly the shot travels.


I’ve noticed a lot of people saying its hard to hit with and it just takes a tad bit of prediction on where the monster is heading. For example, Krakens tend to strafe left and right, so after it airbursts left, give it a few seconds, then fire on its right, itll airburst right into it.
I just wish it would pull the bastard down, my team and I are getting annihilated by Krakens and i cant figure out why :confused:


Like I said, the patch seem of gave the Kraken stealthy buffs. Before I felt like my buds and I could handle the Kraken. Now? Well, seem like the majority of the Krakens we meet seem like they’re a crack house of power.


No I can hit with it, but it’s hard to tell if you actually do sometimes. Sometimes it looks like I don’t hit and I was really dead on, while sometimes it looks like I hit and I was actually way off. Idk something about the stasis gun is off.


it does. But there are some glitchy kraken movements where once you hit the ground and immediately traverse you can launch yourself back to top of dome.


Especially with the aftershock movement speed bug/buff, whatever, that is brutal


Pretty sure it does. I have ended up grounded fighting crow on a number of occasions. I now run aftershock specifically to make getting up in my face when that happens… “inadvisable”.

As for why you are getting annihilated… Kraken excels at picking one person out and then bursting him down. Even more than Goliath does. And then turning around and doing it to someone else.I can’t tell you how often I see Sunny throw down a shield generator, I kill it, and then resume my rampage. Also, NEVER fight a Kraken in a cave. I love baiting people by letting them chase me into a cave, let them dome me thinking they’ve got the match in the bag because I can’t fly effectively… and then I whip out the vortex + aftershock + lightning strike combo in close quarters where it’s nigh undodgeable. GG. Other than that, “Aim for the head” is the best advice I can give as a Kraken. And don’t be afraid to turn and run if the fight is looking dicey. I often wipe them on the first encounter with Kraken because for some reason the last two almost always seem to feel the need to stay and fight. With Goliath, I always get runners. I don’t get it, is it the smaller armor bar or something? The fact I don’t need to be near my down to camp them? By the way, never engage Kraken near wildlife either. The knock back WILL send you into the nomad/armadon/tyrant, and it WILL kill you.

What you want with a dome depends on your party comp. With Maggie, caves and areas with lots of tall pillars are actually beneficial because they make tying down it’s movement easy, for instance. Ditto if you have Bucket on your team. Otherwise, you want an area where the Kraken has difficulty hitting with its skills due to obstacles. Some of the relays are ideal for this, if you can chase it in there early.


I never fight any monster in a cave, thats a deathwish within itself
“Hmm a giant beast, best fight it in as enclosed a space as possible”
I think the Krakens we’ve been facing are really good at managing their Bursts and can keep themselves airborne better, ive just been feeling theyre up in the air waaay longer than they should be.
And since you’re a Kraken player, can you please tell me what the hell is going on with Aftershock, it used to be scary because of the damage but omg the speed at which Krakens move now is nuts, theres literally no escape from it now


I have tested it, and I have heard (and share the opinion now that I’ve tested it) that aftershock in the air is benefiting from the same buffs made to make early Val tranqs less of a death sentence for Kraken. To wit, he is not slowed as he should be, and appears to be counted as using his traversal. Still works fine on the ground. It seems more difficult to pull off the buttdrop though. I hadn’t noticed it before today because I typically traverse right into their faces against a cliff or other structure and THEN whip out aftershock, but the bug is there.

You’d be surprised. Alot of people seem to get caught up in the adrenaline of the chase, and forget little bits of common sense like that. I have literally faced ONE group which realized exactly what I was trying to do, and only when I brought out Behemoth. They fell for it when I went Kraken. Shortest stage two fight ever. Maggie punishes this sort of strategy pretty hard… but people aren’t playing Maggie so much these days are they? :wink:


Ah alright, good to hear im not just getting worse at the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive played enough Goliath to know a cave pull when i see one, i just wish i could find a way to “convince” monsters to leave the cave.
So far having Support cloak me and Assault and having our medic act as bait has yielded best results, always funny as hell too, makes me think of old cartoons with the people floating after pie then slamming into a wall.
Good times.
Gooood times.


But if you hit it, the giant lightning squid in the sky gets huge blue rings around him. :stuck_out_tongue:


after getting pulled down to the ground today as Kraken, I’d say it does


Weirdly as a Kraken main I haven’t the foggiest. Melee Kraken can ignore drag down pretty easy is general. I hope they fix aftershock and lightning strike soon though. I fear I’ll lose my skill a proper aftershock Kraken with all this lightspeed aftershock. On top of lots of behemoth games :stuck_out_tongue:


It indeed does. You need to hit a charged shot when the Kraken just ran out of stamina for it to be effective, though.