Does Behemoth's tongue grab work?

It seems like tongue grab is not working. Most of the time I connect with a hunter instead of being pullled in they get stunned for a second then boost away.

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Probably the same why abduct sometimes just does damage instead of abducting.

It does, but its fickle. I might be mistaken (A known occurrence) but i recall hearing some mention of how behemoths tongue grab works as a “knock back”, and that the knock back changes might have impacted the ability improperly. What the hunter is doing before hand can impact their trajectory towards behemoth as well- Catching a hunter dodging to the side can cause them to veer of course instead of going right towards behemoth for example

(Myself, and a buddy were doing quite a bit of tongue-grab testing- Testing how dodged affected it, testing how doing knock back effects BEFORE landing the tongue grab would impact it- Such as those from lava bomb and rock wall, seeing how they impact is when done after the pull back has occurred, how its impacted by being by walls, etc)

You can use tongue grab for trapping a hunter. Use the tongue grab and later use the rock wall.