Does Behemoth have a blue skin?




Lol! I just watched that movie yesterday. xD

Also, no, not as far as I’m aware.

Here’s the Behemoth skins they’ve revealed anyway.


Oh wow, that elite skin just looks so damn good.


I like the Jade and sandstone skin…good for Camoflage
…hopefully there is a bog skin as well…


Elite skin on Behemoth is incredible.


I would disagree, personally.


each skin looks like it’s designed to blend in with a certain map…


There won’t be a bog skin I don’t think - I’m quite sure I recall them saying they would all be rock themed skins in one of the streams :smile:

However I do think that if they introduced sapphire and ruby type skins - now that would be awful for camouflage but it sure would look pretty cool :wink:


true enough…
still…even normal Behemoth blends in with the rocks


He does, but once he’s got full armour is it just me who think his glow is going to be highly noticeable? Looks very bright :sweat_smile:


I wouldn’t mind a sapphire skin


No, I believe all the respective skins packs you bought before will be getting an update as well so there should be a Bog skin for behemoth etc.


Good… full armor means time to fight anyway right…


I love it when you see a fully armored stage three sneaking away, glowing like a Christmas tree.


Like man… Come back lol


Oh he came back alright. Harpoon Launchers and Force Fields seem to have an…unpleasant…effect on people. Smiles sadistically.

Would you like to see for yourself? :stuck_out_tongue:


Pics plzzz?


A blue skin was planned, but it was then decided that sapphire sounded too gentle and pretty, not brutish and unbreakable like Behemoth. They would go to the realms of the internet to find a blue stone with a badass name, but the gods of search engines would look down upon them, and they would never find such a stone. For days they would search, and to this day they still do. TRS refuses to reveal the blue behemoth until a name worthy of it’s awesomeness is found, or until they give up and just slap the name Bluestone on it.

And now you know…My made up story. :smiley:

Anyways, if they decide to make a “Magma” Behemoth skin, I demand it be named Igneous, for only a rock forged in a red hot volcano would this skin be worthy to name itself after.


jade sounds better?


I suddenly love you :blush:
I love tremors :smiley: