Does Avast Antivirus on Windows 10 still screw up Evolve?


I know it was a serious problem in the past, does anybody know whether it’s been fixed?


I’m not sure what Avast is but I have Windows 10 and it’s fine…
Although I still have the buggy audio…but I had that since release so I don’t care.
(Buggy audio only occurs during tutorial videos and Ciara’s little “round one”)


Ohh it’s an anti virus. Yeah an anti virus…McAfee kept me from playing a lot of my games (like L4D2).
I wasn’t using Mcafee…but had to install it completely to play a game.
Is this similar to what you are…or were expierencing


The only problem as of recent with Avast (on any windows OS) was that deepscreen was preventing people from launching Evolve, other than that I’ve not heard anything off.