Does autobalance lessen the point of winning your games?


Just wondering why if we’re lead to believe that winning a game gives the losing team buffs, what’s the point of winning the games and getting buffs for yourself? Let’s say Goliath owns the enemy team 3 times in a row then loses the fourth round, giving them now 3 autobalance buffs along with the environmental one for winning the last round. In the meantime, the goliath who won all games now suddenly faces a huge uphill battle…


Because if the Hunters needed 3 sets of buffs to compete with the skill of the Monster, the next match would be the most balanced. Similar stat buffs but the monster and the Hunters now have a bit of help. The last stat buff would be either given to the Monster because he lost, or the Hunters would lose one of their pips. (We still aren’t sure how the pips work just yet)


Wait, pips? Voot? Also, what do these aitabalances entail?


I believe they said that if you win once, all your pips disappear. Not sure if the opposing team gets one though, I imagine they would though.

I think in an interview @Macman said that the reason for the buffs is to stop a team getting steamrolled, because if they lost in the first one and the other team was better than them they would just keep on losing since the other side would now also have the map effects working for them.

You could employ as a tactic losing the first four times and winning the last, but this wouldn’t be that much fun to do just to win a cinematic victory


For evacuation, the losing team for each round gets a buff to their stats. These buffs will increase if you lose rounds in succession.


If you want to win it all, yes it is better to lose. If you want to get the most xp, you want to win as much as possible!


The overall idea is to make it so one team gets a one game macro-benefit and the other team gets a permanent micro-benefit. If only one team got a power boost, it would be very one sided and boring. Whoever won the first round would almost always win the next four if not for autobalance. It ensures competition continues, and is specifically tuned not to be OP.


I assume the buffs are stuff like more health, or reload speed? And what are pips?


There is a screenshot that shows up to 4 brackets for both teams. This screenshot showed 4 of those bars (Or pips) to be filled in. We believe that this showed that the Monster lost 4 games worth of pips to be filled. Each bar/pip equates to a stat buff. I believe it’s damage and damage resistance, but hasn’t been confirmed for sure as to what that entails.