Does anyone want some fire roasted Goliath?


So I know many people have created new ideas for new hunters but I’m just putting out a theme for the possibly new hunters to come.

“If anyone hungry after this I’ll be sure to save you a Goliath thigh or a Wraith breast at our well done party.”

  • A quote my hunter might say

Basically what my hunter is is a Cook! Going around different planets capturing and killing new “exotic” animals to be made into a gourmet dish. (Just “saiyan” i got the idea from “Wild Kratts” character Gourmand) This new character has the passion to take on any animal and try their new and unique taste of meats. He/She in terms would be very experienced in killing wildlife probably even considered a veteran like Griffin who kills monster for the thrill of the fight.

The new hunter would possibly be a Trapper,Assault,or even Support class )not yet figured how a cook can be a Medic)

But anyway I think this is a great theme for a new hunter and if you want try and create some attacks and abilities that will come with this new hunters. As well some new quotes for Her/Him


I can’t wait to level up his fully automatic steak-knife gun.


Deep fried Kraken! Deep Fried Kraken!! DEEP FRIED KRAKEN!!!.. with a side of canyon eels please.


Calamari, mmm…


i have an idea to: Steve Irwin of course! press 2 to make the monster mad and increase the thrill of the hunt.