Does anyone still play?

I can’t find any matches and when I do it’s just one other player maybe two. Is this game dead?

Platform? O.O

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I have np with finding players (on PC). See what happens after tomorrows HUNT 2.0 patch?

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Xbox one sorry!

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Tomorrow there will be a big boost to player numbers with Hunt 2.0 and Jack coming alongside a big balance patch, it depends on your region and what time you are trying to find matches as to how easy you will find them, also xbox has had matchmaking issues in the past (I’m on PC so I don’t know much about it though).

You should use this topic for posts like this though:

@niaccurshi care to merge them?

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Thank you very much!

Thanks for the tag, I think given that there’s a release happening and there are other threads, I’ll just leave this locked here and encourage further discussion in the appropriate threads as @fatesrevenge has pointed to.