Does anyone still enjoy playing as Crow?


Griffin was always my favorite, when he was taking heat for being underpowered from the community I always and still do defend him. Since the Tier 4 characters came out I have fallen in love with Crow (not because he’s my mom lol). I know no one complains about him being overpowered, however do anyone still think Crow is a valuable hunter?


I do, hes the only trapper I can use effectively (im ok with Grif) so yes, I love Mo-I mean Crow


Yes, he’s my favorite trapper to play.



Crow is my best Trapper. I’m shite with Maggie and can play decent or semi decent Griff and Abe, but Crow?

Nobody ever gets away. I even rekt @Quirkly here under three minutes with Crow.


He is pretty balance and his kit it’s super fun!


U wot m8  


When Crow is play effectively, you never lose sight of the monster, he is always slowed, and just hitting through armor to damage health is too satisfying also. Most balance character in the whole game. No complains of under power or overpower for Crow.

Also, he takes a bit more skill than other Trappers in my opinion which is always great for a character.


Yes. One important aspect of Crow I enjoy is that he has the fast means of tracking the monster making very important know where the monster is so you can dome him when evolving to stage 2.


Honestly, I kinda don’t enjoy him. Spamming Gobi is kinda boring in midhunt and I don’t really like him design wise. He’s very good and super well balanced, but I just don’t enjoy playing him much. Griffin is more fun for me, personally.


I rek u m80. U ain’t go nuthin on meh.

Seriously though, I played a Crow game against you where I and TW completely destroyed you. And here’s a quote that made it so good:

“Lessee how predictable you are…”

Throws out Gobi

Instant spot on first try

“VERY predictable”


…I don’t remember this 0.o
Wait…what monster was I…how long ago…I’m so confuzzled ;-;


Behemoth. Maybe two weeks back?


Thatd explain it, my Behemoth game…such rust, many nubz, wow, need 2 relearn 2 play.
Hm, strange that I didn’t recognize you guys, I look at usernames religiously lately cuz I like seeing people I’ve seen before :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen monsters do funny things. Eg my friend @DecibelZoniXz was streaming on twitch and had 2 health bars left while running from the hunters. While he was running he found an Elite Tyrant, fought it and almost died while the hunters were close behind piffing away at him. Not sure why he did it but it sure was funny seeing him fail.


You always find a way to mock me donth ya :hankey:


I just have a superior memory than you Thom. :smile:


Just join my party you scrub


Sorry I can’t my cousins are playing on the Xbox and I can’t join. Besides I thought Sundays were your off days.


Had some beers feel rejuvinated. need to kill some stuff


Playing drunk Evolve with you sounds fun. Assuming you’re the only one that’s drunk.