Does anyone play solo more than multiplayer


Just wondering is actually


With around 500 players a day on PC. I’d say solo is my preferrence now.


Actually, yes. I get pulled away from games often and I don’t like having to ditch my teammates. I also play with my daughter and it’s easier to do that in solo mode.


Almost all the time


I hardly ever go online unless I’m bored or there’s a challenge to win, now that I got all the Trophies anyway.


I tend to play solo quite often sadly, sometimes I will game with my girlfriend or bro though.

I also don’t particularly enjoy playing in pubs with randoms; I like fun times and laughter with buddies :kissing:


It’s probably the best exp right now.



  • I play Solo more
  • I play multiplayer more


Solo cuz all my frandz are on PC ¯\ (ツ)


I like playing solo as of late because recently I just don’t want to think much when it comes to playing.

Playing evolve online = you have to focus and think hard on things but in solo I can just derp around as monster and enjoy myself.


My feelz exactly, if I play pubs I play so hard and so competitive I strain myself XD

Where as solo or with buddies and AI it’s more relaxed and funny :kissing_smiling_eyes:

sometimes I wish I had more control over the AI and feel like I’m lacking the experience of having a full team to play though.


I go solo at the moment for Eliting all the Hunters and monster. When that is done, Ill try to map all the wildlife for each map to choose the best feed route and look for the best spots to be domed (I know there is a thread for it, but I prefer to check it out myself :stuck_out_tongue: )

And then…go back online a bit and try to aim high


This. I really only do solo for this.


I bought Evolve due to its solo mode. I’ve played exactly 1 MP match and that was to get the Gold Skins when solo mode didn’t count for the challenge.


Multiplayer cause Xbone seems alive


When I’m trying to level up characters, it’s always Solo.


Awww, you too? XP


I do I find solo better in some ways hardly ever play multi


I almost only play solo. Though now it seems I may not even be doing that. I don’t know if this is just me but it seems that the balancing in Evacuation mode is completely messed up. Right now I can’t even keep any monster from killing all hunters in 2 minutes.


Huh… I never actually play Solo unless farming Elites.