Does anyone like the new Daisy AI?


Seems like the new Daisy AI has her running around all over the place.

Makes it kinda hard when you play Maggie and you want to switch to tracking with Daisy.

I feel it would be better to have Daisy going back to sticking close to Maggie when chasing the Monster.[poll name=‘Daisy_AI’ min=1 max=1 public=true]

  • Leave as is.
  • Stick close to Maggie when chasing Monster outside of dome.


I am very confused as to how she works now. One thing I do love about her now is that she follows just about anyone, great for playing assault when trying to cut off the monster. Maggie on one side with the tracker and me as assault with Daisy cutting off.


Daisy was always a spazz, lol

With Abe and Griff being strong now, Mags doesn’t annoy me anymore.

But to each their own opinion.

if my joke offended you, then you need to realize this is the Internet, not your safe space. ty <3


She’s a lot better at finding the monster then she was in stage 1, that’s for certain. She even tries to cut it off sometimes which I think is amazing…


she beelines for the monster now, not sure about water or sneaking though.


She’ll get to around 50m of a sneaking monster, then stop and sniff the ground to indicate sneaking. Water, though, she gets confused outright by.


I think she plays a lot better now. She has that awesome speedboost and most situations where I tried to pincer the monster she would just zip past me like damn girl lol. Really like the improvements/adjustments. And yeah everyone else mentioned it too the fact that she sticks with other people too now is awesome.