Does anyone know where to find this?


Hey guys, I am was just wondering if anyone knew where I could possibly get a clean picture of the ultimate edition cover?
(By clean I mean without the logos and text)

I badly wanted to draw/paint this and maybe add a few twists to it. If anyone can help out It would be very much appreciated!


Oooh, Grizzle’s becoming an artist.


He is an artist and a pretty awesome one too


Yea, sorry Grizzle I’m not seeing anything might have to ask a professional photoshopper


Its all good I am decent at photo shop I may be able to work something out



Thinks of Rainbow Warrior


Better get Photoshopping, son.

There is nothing in this world that can bend reality better than the Clone and Spot Healing Brush tools.


Yeah, unless you get the name of the artist who made it and can get the original file your best bet is to digitally paint it out. I could see if I could do something later if you want.


I am going to make an attempt but from seeing your af skills you will likely do it better! <3


10 awesomes




Gonna give it a go!


That’s a fucking awesome picture


still waiting for a t5 picture like this


Me too, me too