Does anyone know when we will be able to pre-order Evolve on Steam?


Topic says it all


I’m taking that as either they don’t know the exact date the pre-order becomes available or for business/marketing reasons they are unable to tell us the date. There’s also an existing topic on it which might have more info you want.
Pre-order at Steam


I would assume january… unless the mighty gabe will adept.


I supposed WHEN it comes we do get the bonus right?Free dlc stuff …or should i call gabe?


I guess steam would have dlc sales and stuff ? :smiley:


it doesn’t make sense.If some1 pre-orders from amazon they get a steam key+ the free DLC bonus for pre-ordering.But steam itself won’t have that bonus?

Will steam pre-orders get the free dlc for pre-ordering?(or any dev that can answer :smiley: )


Steam will have the monster DLC preorder bonus.


You mean the same DLC that everyone gets right?Hooray


I’m gonna go ahead and close this since your question was answered.