Does anyone know how to or can anyone get me a copy of evolve 2 that works online?



Heyo, so I figured I’d put in a request here since I’ve tried almost everything on my end, heres my problem :slight_smile: My little brother found this game on my computer and loves playing Evolve with my family, but we only have three copies of evolve from when we purchased the original. While we have 3 copies we were not expecting my little brother to enjoy it so much and he wants to play it with us. I’ve tried letting him download the game from my computer but obviously steam won’t let him play evolve online with me if I also turn on evolve on my computer.

I’ve tried starting the game up without steam through the local files but steams to smart for me lol. So I’m asking pretty please with a cherry on top, does anyone have an idea of how I can get a 4th person like my little brother who did not have the game to be able to be able to play it with those of us who did? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Might still be keys left on a cdkey resellers like G2A

Can’t guarantee the key will work cause it’s resale but you won’t be able to get it off a legit storefront anymore unless you get lucky and find a physical one


How old is your brother because this game has quite a lot of profanities just saying lol. I’m sure you know this.


My little brother is 14. At this point his classmates at school curse worse than our dear hunters lol :slight_smile:


Also thanks for the advise Iwannabeatiger. I keep an eye out on the stores for a physical copy just in case :slight_smile:


If you do find a physical copy it’ll probably be in one of the bargain bins for under $10 and not actually stocked on a shelf.


I’ve seen hard copies of the game but for PS4 only… seen them in pawn shops or second hand/preowned shelves in places like Game.
Edit: Boom.


I can probably get you a copy. Cost ya a couple grand, your first born child and 2 alpaca’s worth of fur.

Might be able to swing something…

cough G2A cough


Like iwannabeatiger said, although old toy stores or targets with toss away bins


This sounds so sad :disappointed_relieved:



Now present opportunity to buy evolve copy with all content and all skins ?
If I have new steam account can I unlock all content in this game ?
Why ingame store was closed ?
How now to get all skins and items if I not played this game before ?


That’s not possible I don’t believe. Development was suspended indefinitely and the multiplayer servers are no longer available.


I would buy offline version of this game with all content.
Why was to delete ingame store ?


The problem with the servers going offline to support Evolve Stage 2 is that the communication protocols have basically been shut down…

The only possible solution in the future might be some type of tunnel software. (I dont see that happening though)

Your best bet is to bite the bullet, find a cheap copy or key and join the 500 or so people who play legacy.


I think there are still websites selling the codes for season pass 1 and 2, but not 100% sure… internet searching commence!


Advanced warning for using PayPal is the advised method of payment. On top of which, It’s closer to Craigslist than Amazon. Plus sides, you can pay kinguin itself for insurance (which is usually cheap) so if a key you buy doesn’t work then you’ll be able to get your money back.

Also @TheMountainThatRoars I don’t remember but wasn’t one of the bright sides of having a “Founder’s pass” unlocking all hunters / monsters? and in Stage 2 everything you unlock is retroactively unlocked in regular Evolve?


Yes, but with no store I’m not sure if that is still applicable.


Well, better than nothing. I figured i’d try my best to help :sweat_smile:


Login on every computer with account that have evolve, install it, relog with personal accounts, and play