Does anyone have troubles with tier 3 hunters? Need help


For now, i won ALL of my games against tier 1-2 hunters, and lost ALL of my games against tier 3. Why?

  1. Speed aura allows them to search for me very fast. It also allows them to follow the moster when dome is out,so there is no way to run away from that.
  2. If you cannot run away - you trying to hide, and then support using that dust marker or whatever it is… The trick is that it covering WHOLE AREA around, and even if you bedind the wall, or in the bush - you will be marked.

So, how do you play, if you cannot run away, and cannot hide? Try to kill them at lvl1? Does anyone knows any suggestions?

Also, most of the time the hunters running from the start right next to my position. I moving only with sneaking (no trail), not killing any aminals or triggering birds, and when i sneak to the end of the map - i find hunters that following me, and searching exact same map part where i al hiding… How?


try not to sneak that much then run some more


But i cannot outrun hunters with speed buff. Every time i stop to kill something they start shooting at me.


Ciara’s speed boost can be a bitch for the monster, all I can say is just keep moving by sneaking and the occasional jump/warp/hover. Sometimes the hunters are so distracted by going so fast they can miss the monster in the most obvious places.


Remember that with the tier 3 Trapper, Abe, nobody can find you if you don’t leave tracks. If you’re going up against Abe in the beginning, then just sneak or leave a false trail of tracks. They cannot simply follow Daisy right to you. That thirty second head-start can be used to mix up their whole game.

Next, separate Caira from everyone else in combat. She can heal the Hunters much better than anyone else. But she can’t heal them if she doesn’t have LOS on them.


I suggest if you see Ciara in the party you need to get out of dodge and I mean right now. Get as far away as fast as you can. Maybe even pick up the eat speed so you can eat on the move.

I’m pulling this stuff outta my you know what but I would imagine your gonna have to change what you were doing before in order to succeed against t3 hunters.


They cannot miss, because of trapper. If they run past me while i am hiding in some bush, either way or Daisy will stop and turn around, or that guy will fire his dust once he will loose the tracks, and reveal me anyway. There is no way to stay hidden. Especially if both Daisy and that support is playing together.


I fought against Abe and Cabot so far and have won. Actually I’m batting 1.000 against tier 3 here are my tips.


Abe :trapper:

Misdirection is key @Bloodredtyrant is right. He can’t track you if the trail goes cold. I sent the hunters north, hung out in the spawn and then booked south, and it took the carrion birds before they knew that I gave them the old slipperoo.

He however the best at controlling your movement with those damn grenades, making escape harder. In my matches I hit him first he was always my priority (except against Laz). In the subsequent encounters his strikes stacked up and he melted like butter, allowing me to flee with impunity.

I recommend booking it from the start (after misdirection) and eating wildlife too far away to be hit with the tracking darts early. The early farm is crucial to set the pace of the match.

Cabot :support:

When that Amp is up HIT EM HARD AND FAST. He is vulnerable and that damage racks up quick if you’re too slow.

Getting tagged sucks to try to keep out of lines of sight and keep Cabot at distance. Lower level/Inexperienced players don’t really tag (I wasn’t in my match). If your not tagged then the railgun is unreliable at best.

If the railgun is out juke and dive. The reload sucks and you could bait a shot and punish him in return. A good Cabot player will hang back and take pot shots. Bring the fight to him, make him use that cloak!