Does anyone have tips for increasing stamina


I badly need it I run like 16 seconds and I’m out of breathe . I usually can run longer if ‘‘I’m really feeling it’’


You should get the perk stamina re- Oh.

Wrong type of stamina

Immediately gets out


In all seriousness, I’d recommend starting out and pushing yourself as much as possible.

Unless of course you’re gonna pass out or die or something.

Develop a healthier lifestyle.

Like exercising instead of being on the forums

Personally, whenever I want to keep on running, I imagine a Komodo Dragon or Meateor Goliath chasing me. It’d scare the shit out of me so I’ll be hauling ass in no time, lol.


Well to gain my stamina I returned to eating properly. I was so busy at one point, I wasn’t eating all the time, or eating as healthy as I wanted. So I recommend eating healthier, skipping soda’s, training yourself a bit. Jog when you can, it can help build you stamina back up, and as corny as it sounds, take the stairs. Sleep often, get your 8 hours. Cardio is key here, if you want your stamina back you’re gonna need to work out. This might be tougher if you’re over weight.


I have done this like 1 time every week .
the aftermath of that is the worst Its like the water has vanished from me


guess ill drink water for at least 2 weeks instead of my lovely root beer


Definitely, skip out on soda every now and again. Your body will thank you for that, skip chips, and sweets as well. Now i’m not saying completely stop eating them, just eat them a lot less ;). You’ll be back to your old self or even better if you keep to this :smiley: .


It’s important to be hydrated.

But not too hydrated, you feel me?

Everything in life is like that. You eat to little, you die. You eat too much, you throw up. You gotta find a balance. Don’t drown yourself. :stuck_out_tongue:


so I am not getting enough water. guess I could drink another cup


Just a little Fyi,

I am not financially responsible for whatever accident may happen when you exercise or drink more water. :stuck_out_tongue:


You need to be drinking water 1hr to 30min before a run. This is what I do.

Drink water
Have nothing big to eat maybe a protein bar
Jog for 20sec then stretch
Then pase yourself
Breath in the nose, out the mouth

I’m in wrestling so stamina is all I know


I did a little jog just now not enough to make me defeated but enough to where I feel my heart beat


Good your goal is to keep that heart beating
No breaks as good as they feel breaks defeat you 100%. They build up lactic acid in the muscles and cause cramps and soreness. You can stop running but keep walking, or I like to skip or hop around, as long as your moving.


My best advice is to:
#Jump Rope

It has so many benefits and building Stamina is one of them


Very true, now that I think of it
Biking,swimming, can also help


It’s best to invest a few points in Stamina early-game so you can do more power attacks. It also increases your maximum carry weight which makes dungeon looting a bit easier.

In the meantime, you can bring a follower such as Lydia to carry your excess items until your increased your stamina.


I think it’s everyone’s goal to keep their heart beating.

On a serious note, only drink water and skip junk food if you indulge yourself on it regularly. That alone will do wonders for you.


ive kinda been eating nothing but that for easter so I need to get back on my exercise


Yay another workout thread (I actually enjoy helping people :slight_smile:)


Usually when you are talking about stamina you want to work on something that takes a long time, consistently. Try running on a treadmill for 20m at a slow enough speed, it will help greatly.

Improving your respiratory system is what you need to do here.