Does anyone have a MGSV code I could have?

Hey guys any of you played the new metal gear solid? I really want this game but can’t get it as I just can’t afford it yet. Was wondering if anyone has a spare game code and or if you do it would be much appreciated😃 (Xbox one)

Asking for a free $60 game, but also on a completely unrelated site. Here I thought this thread was to discuss the game. I’m disappointed in you.


This. I thought we could talk about Quiet’s boobs here.




First of there is already a MGSV thread here (somewhere) secondly, yes we should definitely talk about Quiet’s boobs more often :joy:

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Quiet made me sad. :frowning:

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Edited your title to better explain what you were looking for, as your original title made it seem like this thread was for the purpose of discussing the new Metal Gear.

And yes, Quiet is fine af.

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Gold body…:heart_eyes:

Fixed that for 'ya.

Val…gold skin…Val’s gold skin booty…

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For a girl that doesn’t talk and is comically under dressed I found myself entranced by her character. She had a cool story and was so interesting and she could shoot grenades into helicopters and that was sweet.

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I think it’s that hum too…like when she lines that target up…“FIRE!”

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