Does anyone happen to have the sound effects for the monsters?


I’m planning ahead for a secret project of mine, and I need to get ahold of the sounds for the monsters. If anyone has them, or knows a way of obtaining them, please let me know! I’ve heard that getting into the files for evolve is difficult, so if anyone has a clear video of these sounds with minimal backround noise, that would work too!


Copyright’s something to consider, if it’s just for samples to make your own sound, I don’t think people will mind, but I can’t stress this enough: Make your own audio for your project, do not use Evolve’s audio verbatim. It saves you a lot of headache later.

@Seedsy you’ve still got some audio samples laying around, right?


Well, I might as well say it. I was going to use the sounds for cosplay. I like to have the sounds of the characters playing for my costumes. I wasn’t going to be using them for anything else.


I await seeing you dressed as a behemoth now. If you can get the ball form to work I will give you 20 dollars.


Funny enough, that is who I was going to do first. :sweat_smile:



I totally forgot about that. Thanks!