Does Anyone get the feeling to insta back out when they see Wraith?


It’s just frustratingly boring to fight them…

Ya ya I know I KNOW they patched her up and good. But it’s her playstyle I utterly HATE it, ya it sounds sick as hell on paper. (You’re a sneaky lone wolf hell bent on picking off the hunters one by one… except your opponents are actual real people who’d rather not waste their time with the ever running Wraith…)

I’m noticing I’m winning more and against level 3 wraiths who suck complete ass on relay enocunters but can dash away on a consistent basis prior to their final stage up. That’s what’s pushing me away away from even staying with my team for the first drop ship.

Now don’t get me wrong, Wraith players who are actually AWARE of her detested playstyle I love. These are the good fellas who willingly engage hunters throughout all stages to keep things interiestin(I monster main and I go out off my way to make sure hunters don’t feel like this is a running sim it sometimes feels like… unless their trapper is spot on, then that isn’t my decision to make haha)

What’s your take on this fellas?


I think you’re playing shitty monster players, not shitty Wraiths.

I wrote up a guide for playing as a Sky-Wraith / Tumbledore build on reddit. There’s a video of what it looks like at the top. I’m not saying I’m amazing, but I’m 100% saying that I’ll give you a good fight. I’m usually the one to engage (often as soon as the hunters land). I don’t run away from missed domes, I stay when I don’t have to, and I’m often fighting you the second you drop from the ship.

Players with the mentality that they have to run until stage three with full armor and a buff are doing it wrong. Players that rely on decoy to do their fighting get no respect from me.

If you’re on PS4 and want a fun Wraith fight, look me up! My PSN is MrJagermeister.


Ah but unfortunately I’m on Xb1 though mate.

Good to know you’re the fella who gives hunters a good time. That’s a +1 in my book.


It’s not fun if the other team isn’t enjoying themselves, in my opinion.


Well, take a look at the guide and see what you think! Pass it along to wraith players that you know. It’s a lot of fun to play as and play against, and the more we push this kind of mentality, the less run-and-hide matches we’ll all have to suffer through.

And if anyone else is on PS4 and has a good team, I’d love to play you!


I don’t mind fighting Wraiths anymore. They can be annoying to fight, but anymore I don’t mind.


I’m right there with ya on wanting to back out the second I see a wraith. Not only is it incredibly boring fighting most wraiths, but around 3/4 of the games I play are against wraith. I’m not all that sure why everyone still plays wraith, but the frequency in which these boring matches occur is ridiculous. I had hoped that as the behemoth was introduced the number of wraith players would decrease, and they have a bit, but not to the extent of which I wished.


jup i actually start to leave games against wraith aswell. either it goes like this : go for a huge buff and wreck the hunters with an totaly oversized warpblast on stage 1 or run 10 minutes around and never be close to the hunters ._.


Yes, I also leave as soon as my opponent picks Wraith. Not because it’s OP but because it almost always transforms into a match that consists of 10-15 minutes running and 1 minute actually fighting and having fun.


This. Holy goddam this right here.

May they never make another stealth focused creature again in this game.


I love quiters, gives me more characters to play as hunter.


Not Stage 1.
Thats a no go.
But stage 2 I’ll happily nibble your skull ^.^
Running nonstop is booooring, much more exciting to hunt the hunters


For most likely half a second, before you got hotswapped back. THAT will definetly frustrate you at these key moments though.


Ah hell, maybe it’s just me.

Unless it’s Behemoth, (and even moreso when there’s a Griffin ingame)

I’ll tend to engage even at stage 1.


Usually I can handle controlling the bots but of course I am not expecting a win. As a monster when hunters quit mid-game I get quite annoyed, why play online if you don’t want to lose, or fight a specific character?


I’ll engage if I have to at S1, but if I can reach S2 before I’m found? Yeah, I’m doin it


I will say this. I have played the other monsters just as stealthy as the wraith. Unless you have Maggie it is possible with any of the monsters to flat out avoid the hunters. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been spotted so I hide in a bush and watch the hunters jump over me and disappear.

I admit the wraith is the best at doing this, but not by much after the latest nerf. The issue is, and I mean this in a nice way, the monsters you are playing against are better at hiding than you are at finding. The wraith does make the issue more apparent to lower level players, but the hide-n-seek game is available to all monsters.

Once you get the hang of it, decoy is semi predictable about where the monster is going to be. If anything, the decoy lets you know you are close to the monster. Try to spray fire around where the decoy came from and you might get lucky.

As a wraith player myself, I have been tracked more regularly since the nerf and see more frequent engagements. Personally I don’t like to use decoy anymore. Its to much random damage and doesn’t fool people enough to make it worthwhile

To me, Goliath and Wraith are very similar in their stealth abilities. The main differences are Goliath is very loud when using traversals and can be tracked by that much easier. His size and ability to get away to sneak again makes him very hard to pin down if you’re not careful. The 2nd being the shield/health pool. Because the wraith is better at evasion she hardly takes damage. This can be frustrating inside a dome because she’ll get to hiding spots quicker. You can do the same with Goliath, but its more apparent where he’s jumping to.

Now, as far as your original question. I do still see people dropping out because bad Wraith players rarely engage because they don’t understand the attack methods of the wraith. Goliath is pretty straightforward on how you’re to attack. Because the wraith is a hit and run monster lower level people tend to just run. This makes for a boring game. But I assure you, if you just run with any of the characters you can make for an equally boring game. :slight_smile:


Because that certain said character has ruined more games than I can remember and turned them into borefests.


Yep, I’ve said for many a month that Wraith is just not fun to play against. As utterly frustrating as playing against Kraken is right now I can see it’s because it’s broken. With wraith my issue was never with it being OP, in many ways I didn’t ever see it as OP, the issue is that it’s not an engaging experience for the hunters.

Wraith is fun for wraith players, and that’s about it.

Edit: and while the constant running is tedious, that’s not the issue. It’s the lack of any real sense of what the hell is going on in a fight. Bad wraiths are fun to fight because you have something to aim for and time to think strategically. Wraiths problem is inherent at the core of her design, unfortunately.


But it either takers a good monster or sucky team for that to occur. With Wraith though, it’s just too easy to hide around…

At least with the other monster, hunters have a better shot at seeing the monster alot more often.